What is Hypnotism?

Technically, Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical mind and establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

In simple terms, hypnosis is the process of relaxing a part of the human mind called the critical mind, which is the security guard of the mind, and being able to access the other part of the human mind called the Subconscious mind.

But why should we access the subconscious mind? Well, the subconscious mind holds within it all the memories of all events of the person’s life and also the memories of that person’s past lives.

Now, every issue has a root – a starting point. And this starting point is stored as an event in the subconscious mind. Once we find the root of the cause, it is easy to resolve it. So to find that root, we need to access the memories stored in the subconscious and hence the use of hypnotism.

So the process of bypassing the critical mind and accessing subconscious mind is called Hypnotism.


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