How do you remove problems using Hypnotherapy?

As I said earlier, through hypnosis we access the client’s subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the most powerful part of our entire mind. It contains within it all the memories of all events of the person’s life and also the memories of that person’s past lives. And each such memory carries a lesson that the critical mind (security guard of the mind) has taught the subconscious mind. And even though the goal of the human mind is survival, sometimes these lessons can be wrong and harmful to the person. The subconscious mind has no capacity to judge between right and wrong. It simply makes true whatever belief is put into it. It is the critical mind that acts as the judge of the mind. And even the most complex and powerful computer called the human mind could also make mistakes at times.

Let me give you an example of how a human mind can take a wrong lesson out of an event.

If a child is insulted before others for slapping a pet dog, the child’s mind may experience trauma and can associate it with the dog. Later, whenever the child is near the dog the child’s mind may expect something ‘bad’ to happen. What the mind expects it delivers. Subsequently, the child may experience ‘bad events’ whenever it is near a dog. If this repeats itself consistently, the child’s mind – in order to protect the child from such painful experiences – may create a fear of the dog. The logic of the child’s mind is simple – “If I avoid being near a dog, then there is no chance of experiencing bad.”

Over time this subconscious fear may, through sheer repetition, may extend into fear of all dogs and finally manifest as a phobia of dogs by the time this child grows into an adult. Now this adult person may not even consciously remember the very first event that started all of this. But under hypnosis, the person not only can vividly recall the memory but will also tend to relive the experience emotionally.

Once we have the root of the cause, it is easy to remove the issue. Mind you, the memory of any event can never be erased but the lessons taken by these events can be corrected easily through various hypnotic modalities.

And with the negative lessons gone, the subconscious is now given positive suggestions for desired results.


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