Hypnosis Myth #1: A Hypnotist can control your mind!

Hypnosis is no black magic or a zombie like state! I said earlier that the critical mind (the guardian part of the mind) has to bypassed but the bypass happens temporarily – hardly longer than a couple of seconds. Then it once more bounces back to its role of a guardian albeit less active as compared to conscious state of mind. And as long as the critical mind is active, the Client has full control over her faculties and can come out of hypnosis if she wishes. The only reason the critical mind allows the suggestions of the hypnotherapist pass through to the subconscious is because the client has willingly and voluntarily given consent to be treated for that particular issue. This also means that if any unscrupulous Hypnotherapist deceitfully tries to pass suggestions that could harm the Client, the client would simply snap out of Hypnosis and walk out of the clinic. The Hypnotist can have no power over a client’s mind and cannot do anything against the client’s wishes.


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