Case Study #3: Fear of Bike Riding

Having fallen from a bicycle instills a fear of riding bikes in a girl! She felt she could never handle any vehicle that’s heavier than her bicycle!


I had this girl who was afraid of riding a bike. She was quite comfortable with riding her bicycle but she wouldn’t touch even a moped. Her father complained that she was terrified of even trying it despite his assurances that he would be sitting behind and guide her. But she never showed any signs of fear or anxiety while riding pillion and would gladly do it.

I had a doubt she may have witnessed an accident or she may have developed a subconscious fear while riding pillion. But I was wrong. When I did an age regression I found that she was very comfortable riding pillion and had not witnessed any motorcycle accident. Since she had never ridden a bike or moped in her life there was no way she had bad experience riding. Similarly, since she was comfortable riding a bicycle I could not find any reason to regress to her cycle riding days. Finally I decided to use ‘emotional regression’ method. It is just like the ‘Stems Technique’. In this method, the therapist recreates the emotions similar to those the client experiences when confronted with their issue. So I used guided imagery to make her imagine herself back in her home standing before her dad’s moped. I found the anxiety and the fear creeping back into her expression. She became acutely uneasy when I asked her to sit on the moped. Seizing the chance, I directed her to go back to the first time she felt this dread of riding.

She regressed back to an event in her bicycle riding days when she had to brake suddenly at a junction and fell off her vehicle. Incidentally she had braked for a rash moped rider. This triggered in her a fear of that traffic junctions and a fear of riding. I moved her forward to next events and found she had similarly fallen off her cycle during heavy traffics. She was careful in her riding later but events instilled a new belief in her. She subconsciously believed if she had been on a moped or a bike instead of her cycle, she may not have escaped through those accidents with just minor scratches. Her mind decided she cannot handle heavier two wheelers.

I helped her neutralize this old lesson in her subconscious and also helped remove her fear of junctions. Finally I did a future progression to instill confidence to ride a bike. A few weeks later I heard from her dad. He told me that he had gifted his daughter a brand new scooter and that she had completely lost her fear of riding!

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