Exam Fear and Study Anxiety

Student life is one of the most hyper-suggestible stages of life and figures of authority like parents, teachers, and even peers can inadvertently plant negative suggestions that undermine the confidence and concentration of the student. Consecutively, the student develops fears of exam and subjects, study anxiety, lack of concentration and poor memory.


The pressure on students to attain higher ranks and better marks comes from various sources like parents, teachers, peers, relatives and sometimes even neighbors. As the generations are growing more competitive, this pressure has assumed gargantuan proportions and many a student crack under it. The result is the development of various student issues like fear of a particular subject, fear of examination, study anxiety, lack of concentration and poor memory. The roots of these issues are varied yet easy to resolve through Hypnotherapy. Any issue does not usually crop up from a single event; small events over a period of time add to the issue.

It is usually the parents’ responsibility to identify these anxiety issues in the child and address them immediately. But in some cases, it is the parents themselves responsible for the anxiety and are oblivious of it.

Student lifetime is one of the highly suggestible stages and therefore it becomes very easy for a figure of authority to influence them through suggestions. Unfortunately, most of the adults are not aware of this fact and they plant suggestions that undermine the student’s confidence and consecutively her/his concentration.

Hypnotherapy is one of the best methods to very quick and effective to resolve these issues and help the student’s regain her/his confidence back. Under hypnosis, the student can quickly remember the cause of the issues like exam fear, study anxiety, poor memory, and lack of concentration, and with the help of the therapist the student can quickly resolve the issues.

Through hypnosis students not only regain their confidence but can also increase their performance in education, sports and in other areas of interest.

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