How many sessions are needed to remove a problem through Hypnosis?

The number of sessions required to remove a problem through Hypnotism varies from client to client and case to case.

Any issue that a client comes to us for can fall under two major categories – Anxiety Based, Deep Rooted

An anxiety based issue has cropped up out of sheer anxiety on the part of the client and it is very easy to remove. Such issues hardly need more than two to three sessions. In fact, one session is sufficient in some cases. These issues do not have any deep rooted events associated with them and hardly require any regression work to be done. Regression is a process of guiding the client through her/his past memories.

Deep Rooted are those issues which have at least one major traumatic event associated with them. These events could have triggered the issue in the first place (Initial Sensitizing Event ISE) or they could have intensified an existing issue (Subsequent Sensitizing Event SSE).

Deep Rooted issues require more number of sessions depending on the number of events and the intensity of the trauma underwent by the client. First couple of sessions involve regression to find out the root cause of the event and the subsequent sessions deal with the resolution of the events narrated by the client.

Usually I give an average of about 6 sessions for a client depending on the issue. But they largely vary from client to client. And the sessions are usually placed daily but in some cases they may be spaced apart like two sessions per week.

The duration of each session can range anywhere between 40 minutes and 2 hours. The average would be 1 hour 20 minutes. Rarely, some sessions extend to 3 hours.


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