Case Study #4: Allergic Cracks on Feet Healed through Hypnosis

This is a case of psychosomatic illness – an allergy in fact! My client was a small girl of about 11 years; she was brought by her father. Her problem was that her feet would develop severe cracks and would bleed profusely whenever she set her feet on ground without any footwear. The cracks would not appear when she was on man-made ground like house floorings, cement floorings, etc; they would come as soon as she set foot on natural ground. And being a very active girl, her parents could not stop her from rushing out to play with her friends as soon as she was back from her school. Her father told me that she was never free from these cracks and that they would pain like hell. She could never place both her feet flat on the ground because of these cracks. If she ran when she had these cracks they would start bleeding heavily again. Her father told me that he had tried both allopathic medicine as well as Ayurveda. He reported that while allopathic medicine proved ineffective, Ayurvedic medicine would heal the cracks but could not prevent recurrence. And she had been suffering from this problem since 8-9 years.

Because of her age, I decided to try direct suggestions first (children are very easy to hypnotise and the issues are resolve very quickly). I used guided imagery along with direct suggestions. I told her dad to observe her cracks for a couple of weeks and then to report to me.

Her father came to me after three weeks. He said that after the session her cracks had healed very quickly but that there was slight recurrence once she went out to play after two weeks. He also told me that he had stopped administering the Ayurvedic medicine to test the effect of Hypnosis.

I called the girl for a second session and I used regression this time. She regressed back to the age of three years. Her mom had let her out for just a few minutes to play with her neighboring children who stay in the same compound. The compound had cement flooring, but her neighbors were having some renovations made to their house and there was a heap of sand for the construction. She went to play in the sand and a piece of glass in the sand cut her tender feet. She cried and ran to her mother. Her mother said she would hurt herself if she went out to play in the sand. It was an unintended hypnotic suggestion – children are naturally in a light to medium hypnotic trance most of the time. So it is very important that adults be very careful about what they tell children.

The incident happened again the next day too. This time she went out and hurt herself over a sharp stone that was lying near some plants in natural earth. This time again her mother unintentionally reinforced her suggestions and since then the girl developed this allergy for natural earth.

I resolved the issue for her and convinced her subconscious to let go of that suggestion and the lessons of those incidents. I then placed positive suggestions about the health of her feet.

Three weeks later her father came in with the girl. Her feet had healed completely and her father reported that she could now go out and play even without her footwear.


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