Physical Diseases cured by Hypnosis

Diseases like psoriasis, asthma, eczema, allergies and other psychosomatic diseases can be cured effectively through Hypnotherapy.

Strange and incredible as it may sound, it is the truth. Hypnosis can help cure or manage many physical diseases. Most problems for any person take a natural path to develop and manifest into a disease. That path is:

Thoughts -> Emotions -> Energy -> Physical Sensation

Every problem starts with a thought which in turn gives rise to emotions; emotions to energy in the body; and finally energy to physical sensation. If the physical sensation occurs long enough and frequent enough it manifests itself into a disease. Hence for every physical disease, there is a thought pattern that is associated with that particular disease. And since hypnotherapy deals with removing or altering the root thoughts and beliefs of a human mind, many diseases are manageable through hypnosis while some can be completely cured.

First let us look at those physical diseases that can be completely cured through Hypnotherapy:

These diseases are called Psychosomatic diseases. Usually all kinds of allergies, certain skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, acne, ichthyosiform erythroderma, etc), and then there are a host of diseases that range from some kinds of blindness to severe cracks in feet that are entirely psychosomatic diseases in their nature. By psychosomatic, I mean, cases where regular Physicians and specialized doctors cannot find anything physically wrong with the person, yet the person is suffering from the disease. Some people go deaf, blind, develop skin allergies, become extremely obese all because of some problematic past events. They have nothing wrong with their bodies and normal medicines don’t seem to work.

These are the diseases that can usually be cured completely through Hypnotherapy. Because they are completely mind related or stress based issues.

What are the diseases that are managed by Hypnotherapy?

Then there are a host of diseases that are kept under control or reduced significantly through hypnotherapy. The best examples for these diseases are diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, gout, cancer treatment (pain management), etc. The effect of stress on these diseases causes rapid growth and frequent recurrence in these cases and hypnotherapy helps prevent them.

There have been cases where even these diseases have been completely cured. For that matter, hypnotherapy has helped cure even diseases like cancer in their advanced stages but that does not happen consistently.

2 thoughts on “Physical Diseases cured by Hypnosis

  1. I have a rare syndrome called Wilkie syndrome. I’m 25 years old and mum to a little boy. Doctors and specialist are not sure what to do. I’m willing to try anything. Will this be of use to me??

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