Self Hypnosis FAQs – Part II

Self Hypnosis is a necessary and powerful tool for personal and interpersonal development. Read the FAQs to know more about Self Hypnotism.


Can Self Hypnosis remove all of my problems?

Self Hypnosis helps you deal with many problems in your life. However, it cannot deal with all the issues. Some deep-rooted issues have to be dealt with a therapist alone.

But you certainly can deal with majority of your problems like improving memory, concentration, performance in sports or work, increasing creativity, dealing with sleeplessness, improving communication skills. It can also be used to deal with issues like negative thinking, laziness, lack of motivation, etc.

What if I go very ‘deep’ under Hypnosis? Can I get stuck then?

As I pointed out earlier, there is no possibility of getting ‘stuck’ in hypnosis. If you go into a very deep trance, two things are possible – one your conscious mind will remind you of some task and you will emerge out of hypnosis after sometime; or two you will slip into a natural sleep and wake up after that sleep cycle is over.

What is the difference between Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis?

All Hypnosis is self hypnosis. Even if you going to a therapist to be hypnotised, you are allowing yourself to go into the state of hypnosis by following the instructions of the therapist. So in reality, you are doing self hypnosis.

That aside, the key difference between Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis induced by a therapist is in its application. Self Hypnosis is applied either to get rid of problems or to improve performance or talent. However, all issues cannot be dealt with Self Hypnosis. Some issues have deep seated roots in the subconscious and to deal with these issues, it is necessary to go to a therapist for a Hypnosis session.

How will I know if I my issue is deep rooted or not?

Simple rule of thumb is that if an issue is not getting resolved even after consistent use of Self Hypnosis over a period of some weeks, then it means the issue is deep rooted and you have to consult a therapist to resolve it.

How do I learn Self Hypnosis?

The best way to learn Self Hypnosis is from a certified Hypnotist or a Hypnotherapist. A Hypnotist will take you through three stages that are necessary for a successful use of Self Hypnosis. First, he will explain in detail what Hypnosis is and how it works. He will also make you understand how human mind works and how problems are created. Second, he will hypnotise you and place the triggers for self hypnosis. Finally, he will teach you how to best create positive suggestions that will be most beneficial. He will also tell you what kinds of suggestions must be avoided and how to deal with any particular issue that you may have.

Alternatively, you can learn self hypnosis from Self Hypnosis Audio CDs sold by certified Hypnotists or Hypnotherapists.

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