Charity Clinic for Hypnotherapy in Hyderabad

Charity Hypnotherapy Clinic provided at Rs.100 per session for the needy. Details enclosed.


Hypnotherapy for people who cannot afford to pay the regular charges of Alternative Medicine.
Therapy Charges: Rs.100 per session
Timing: Every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
By Appointment only (Special Priority for Child Hypnosis)

Therapy provided for CRITICAL ISSUES like:
Child Hypnosis
Weight Reduction

Charity Clinic is NOT provided for:
Memory & Concentration
Performance Improvement
Positive Thinking
Communication Skills

For Appointment, call:
Kiran Relangi
9849708458 (Hyderabad, India)

7 thoughts on “Charity Clinic for Hypnotherapy in Hyderabad

  1. Dear Sir,

    Iam Suffering from Depression, Lack of Confidence, Inferiority Complex and not concentrate on studies or a single task. I think that i need a Hypnotherapeutic Counselling. Please give me an appointment.

  2. sir i need in formation, is there any therapy which u can give for obessive complusaory dis order, as my mother is sufferring from this & she has habit of repeated washing ,and she is on medication with fluoxitine 40mg , some what better now but not much , is thee any therpay that u can help her plzzz

    1. Hi Suraj, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is best treated by psychiatric medicine. Hypnotherapy can help reduce her stress levels and help uncover the roots for her continual stress. If you need stress management for your mother then you can call me on 9849708458 for an appointment. – Kiran Relangi

  3. sir, iam a retired govt.employee. basically iam very sensitive. i suffer from depression, anxiety ,neurosis, unlimited thinking phobias. is hypnotherapy is useful in diluting these mind born diseases

  4. I am chandravathi nenu chala depression lo unnanu, depression, inferiority complex, over talking these problems suffered please give me your appointment in hyderabad my mobile no: 9666492221

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