Our issues have roots in the past – Regression Therapy Case Study

All of our issues have roots buried deep in past and Regression Therapy helps uncover and resolve them!


All our issues have origins in our past and what problems we are experiencing today are actually symptoms of those issues. Regression Therapy helps in identifying and dealing with the root events.

Here’s a live case study of how deep some issues may be buried:

This client was around 58 years old and he was having severe panic attacks and negative thoughts when it came to the matter of money and wealth. His mind would always have negative thoughts about money and that started manifesting into panic attacks. He said he was well off with enough properties and assets to keep him and his family secure for the rest of his life.

According to him these negative thoughts started about a couple of years ago when he had a major financial loss and had to close his business. And it had come to such a state that any small change in the state’s political scenario, real estate or stock market and he would have severe negative thoughts about his own wealth. Every month he would fear some new problems would arise and affect his wealth.

Under regression, his issues proved to have roots deeper than his recent financial loss. He regressed to an event when he was 19. Because of some family issues, he had been forced to move out of family business and seek his own financial independence. That was the first root for thoughts about his financial insecurity. A couple of financial issues later in his career cemented his roots and the recent loss brought those thoughts to the surface and started manifesting as panic attacks.

Regression Therapy is a powerful technique that can pinpoint roots related to current issues in life and help deal with them.

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