Extensive workshop to impart an in-depth working knowledge of non-verbal communication.


This extensive workshop is aimed to impart an in-depth working knowledge of non-verbal communication along with sufficient role playing exercises to for hands-on observation and analysis. Look below for workshop contents.

DAY I – Body Language in Parts

Day I is introduction to Body Language and an in-depth study of Aspects of Body Language (gestures, postures, etc.) by body part. Extensive role playing sessions are included for practical observation of the gestures and to make learning easy.

Introduction to Body Language
What is Body Language?
How to read BL?

Introduction session
Each participant introduces himself/herself while others ask various questions – will be video recorded for BL analysis later.

Suggestibility & Body Language

Language of Legs
Theory with illustrations
Two role playing exercises for observation of legs

Language of Arms
Theory with illustrations
Two role playing exercises for observation of arms

Language of Hands
Theory with illustrations
A game of Scruples to observe hand gestures

Language of the Face
Eyes and Brows – with interview session for observation
Mouth and Expressions – with interview session for observation

Language of the Trunk
Gestures and Postures of the Shoulders, Chest and Hips

DAY II – Piecing it all together

Day II teaches you how to piece together all the isolated gestures that you have learnt on Day I. Various real life situations are discussed with videos, illustrations and examples. The day ends with analysis of the body language of each participant.

Body Language of Deception
Learning about liars with live video examples
Amateurs vs. Professional Liars
The Real Pro!

Social and Business Body Language
Business Gaze vs. Social Gaze
Territoriality and Domination
Authority, Ownership
Illustrations and Examples

Body Language of Flirting & Lovers
Intimacy & Gaze
Illustrations and Examples

Defensive and Offensive Body Language
Defensive Gestures Review
Offensive Gestures Review
Change of Defence to Offense

Improving your Body Language
Native Body Language and ‘Involuntary Tics’
Rapport Building
Neutral Body Language
Power vs. Gestures

Analysis of Your Body Language
Analysis of your Body Language with the video recordings of introductions recorded the day before.


What do you gain from the workshop?

By the end of this workshop the participant will be able to understand the state of mind of any person through observation of body gestures, postures and expressions. In addition, the participant will also learn how to be an effective communicator through the use of his/her body behaviour.


Kiran Relangi – 9849708458;

Date: September 4 & 5
Venue: G 91 Madhuranagar, Hyderabad 500038
Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Price: Rs. 2000/- (inclusive of Lunch, Tea & Study Material for two days)

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