Comments from Body Language Workshop Participants

I request all those who have participated in any of my Body Language Workshops to please leave a candid note about your experiences in the workshop in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Comments from Body Language Workshop Participants

  1. Hi Kiran ,Thank you for your Body Language Workshop(BLW) ,its was a great experience…actually from our childhood we are thought how to sit, walk, talk, move etc…what not, slowly these movements n body posture became my native. We feel that we know everything in life and move on with it,but when we grow n face the world, at work place in groups we sometime realize some of our native move or any move like nose,forehead or neck touching or holding glass while talking, folding our hand or even crossing our legs land us in embarrassing situation or under criticism suddenly we dont know what to do ? I faced such a situation with my client and decide to go for the BLW with Kiran Relangi.
    First i was a bit conscious about myself as i read a little bit of Body Language information, but i could not manage it for long… we had to give self introduction then there were lot of questions pouring in n top of that all our movements where recorded.
    First day we got all the theory of BL.
    Second day actual climax started only practicals watching our own videos and of course few other videos too,but when i saw my video i was totally surprise that i put on so many expressions on my face according to the questions which were asked,questions which made me happy ,sad,angry,which i dint want to answer oh my what not…
    This Workshop is not for others but only for “US” for self betterment, we can as well find the motive of the people who comes to us if they are lying, hiding,trustworthy etc…
    Now i’m improving myself and its working wonders and its helping me to understand my clients and go to the core issues.
    Thanks Kiran and Geeta Relangi for the Workshop most important the good and delicious FOOD and tea which was severed.

  2. We most often are at the helm of affairs telling the world the right/wrong and how to live in this world. We almost forget about what we want, how aware we are about ourselves. This is exactly what Mr. Kiran did in a two-day workshop on body language; journeying us into a new world of self-awareness. We do carry certain knowledge of our body language, but sometimes so opinionated. The micro-discussion that we had, centered on the expressions through different body posture has certainly raised our conscious level.

    We being our own case studies in the workshop were an excellent technique to analyse and observe each other’s body posture. The group candidly expressed ideas and views about how we possibly could work at one’s positive tone of body posture that is particularly needed for one’s profession (certainly not what a corporate would expect, but a conscious self-awareness).

    I truly got soaked after this workshop finding ways to make myself and others feel comfortable, in other words making this world a better place for all of us.

    Thank you Kiran; you simply can make that difference.

    Srinivasan K
    Coordinator, IGCSE
    Indus International School Hyderabad

  3. I have always wondered how could our bodies communicate without us being wary of it. The whole concept and study of Body Language has always fascinated me and when I was introduced to the work shop of Body Language conducted by Mr. Kiran Relangi I was spontaneously in for it without any hesitation, as I knew this, could be a key to actually Identify and understand others.

    This Workshop for two days actually helped me understand the person within me and not only identify my pros and cons but to discern and also to know how the gestures and the speech were important to be in harmony.

    The Sessions were fun-filled, interesting, interactive as well as educative wherein I enjoyed the max and garnered a lot of information and awareness that left me in complete awe, for which, the credit certainly goes to Mr Relangi who has not only done a commendable and fantastic job, but also gave us spontaneous instances and practical insight with his quick wit and amazing sharpness of the mind that generated humor and learning with in the same length of time.

    The Sessions helped me not only to learn the art of understanding others, but also brought in a lot of self awareness which allowed me to rectify and change for the better. Post Workshop, I have witnessed some wonderful and positive refinement within me which I cherish and also look forward towards understanding and acknowledging others and most importantly “Me”.

  4. My greatest take away from these sessions have been awareness about my self.

    At times I ask myself – why am I in a particular posture at times. Very often without I actually realizing, my body adopts a defensive posture whenever it feels insecure. The awareness of these inner thoughts expressed by my gestures , helped me to address issues within.

    And the ability to be able to read other people’s thoughts though their gestures was an added bonus!

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