Stability Issues

Instability in career could often mean you are not happy with what you are doing or you are not supposed to be doing what you are doing. In both cases instability may not be your issue at all but uncompromising attitude could have been your drive all along.


This is one of the common issues that my clients tell of.

‘I have an unstable mind.’

‘I do not stay in one job steadily. I keep changing jobs often.’

‘I cannot hold on to relationships.’

Though instability can create new issues in life – like lack of regular income, low self esteem issues, relationship issues , etc – instability by itself is not an issue. It is the cause of an underlying problem.

Lack of stability in profession, most often, could mean one of two things – you are not happy with what you are doing or you are not supposed to do what you are doing.

Let us look at the first case – you are not happy with what you are doing. It is our internal drive to seek happiness and comfort. But happiness and comfort are two entirely different concepts altogether. When it comes to a conflict between them, short term comfort often wins over long term happiness. Hence, getting stuck in the wrong job just because you have the comfort of a secure paycheck and you also get a social standing amidst your relatives and friends. But if you are still unable to hold on to jobs, it simply means that your heart is craving for something else.

By changing jobs often, you may feel you have a highly unstable mind. Wrong assumption! I have seen some of my most ‘unstable’ clients becoming rock steady soon after they fall into professions they love to be in. Instability has not been their issue at all, uncompromising attitude had been their drive all along.

Falsely believing you are unstable has its dangers too. Even after getting into profession you love, just the belief that you are unstable can soon manifest situations for you to prove the belief right. How do you remove such beliefs? By examining why you are unstable in the first place and working on the actual cause.

Taking the second case – you are not supposed to do what you are doing. To understand this case you need to have a deeper understanding of life itself. Every person is born with a life purpose. You have one too. If the profession you are into is not serving that life purpose, your subconscious simply goads you until you either switch your profession or until you slip into depression. In such cases, our belief that we have an unstable mind is very convincing because we simply cannot find proper reasons to justify our instability. We end up thinking it our mind itself that is fickle and easily influenced. Most often it is not the case.

To become stable in the second case involves some soul searching. Perhaps a visit to a spiritual therapist is in order because it can help you find your true life purpose.

Instability in relationships too has similar reasons and a few other too. I will discuss them in the next post.

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