When Fear of Failure is just a coping mechanism; not a root cause

Fear of Failure is most often prompted by a Fear of Success, because most are afraid of changes that success will bring.


All of us fear failure. We do not want to fail – we do not want to be seen as failures – neither by others nor by ourselves. I’ve had a considerable amount of clients who come to deal with their fear of failure. Each case is individual and they have their own reasons to have developed that fear.

Yet one of the most common reasons for the fear of failure is, very strangely, Fear of Success. Very few clients are willing to go that deep and dig up this root. But when they do, even the most mature client is taken by surprise.

Weird as it may strike, it is true in many cases of fear of failure. These people fear success more than failure. And that fear of success in itself cannot be the root cause. It is, in turn, caused by deeper fear that is varied for each client. For some it is the fear of change, for others it is the fear of responsibilities that come with success, for more it is the fear of losing values, and for some it is fear their spiritual growth will halt after success. It is any of these fears that, over time, has given rise to fear of success and that, ingeniously, runs about in the guise of fear of failure.

For all, the definition of success is limited to material world or, at times, entirely warped out of shape. For them success is not continued growth in all areas of life and ongoing happiness, instead it is an end point that, once achieved, will take them to not an entirely desirable lifestyle. Such clients often regress to lifetimes when such beliefs had been formed.

When we believe we have a fear of failure, we must not ask ourselves what will happen if we fail. Rather, we must be questioning ourselves what will happen if we succeed! And that will lead us to the root cause for halted progress in our lives.

2 thoughts on “When Fear of Failure is just a coping mechanism; not a root cause

  1. It happened all of a sudden, in the course of a friendly chat…”would you be interested in a DNA Activation session?”, he asked. Well that sure sounded Greek to me. I looked up blankly…”DNA what?” Suppressing a smile he said “why don’t you look it up in the net first?”
    I did. What little I found on the net sufficiently peaked my curiosity. The next time I met him I was ready with questions regarding DNA Activation and also ready for a session of it.
    What however I was not ready for was what came up after the session.
    Kiran undoubtedly turned out to be highly intuitive, seeing aspects of me during the meditative session which no one was aware of, and was also given glimpses of some areas in my life which at that time was rather puzzling for they seemed inconsequential…
    Inconsequential??!! Well that was where I made a mistake.

    The next four weeks I went through profoundly insightful experiences revealing aspects of my personality which I hardly knew existed but awareness of which were highly necessary for a tremendous perspective shift and a major transformation in my life. The transformation is still continuing. Some of the experiences infact left me dumbfounded. One after the other I received (and am still receiving) clear answers and guidance enroute the path of ‘who am I?’ as layers and layers of ‘what I am not’ fell away…and still are falling away…

    Kiran had once told me ” Every event of life is just a process. There is no sin, evil, saintliness involved. No good or bad.They are all interactions of elements and a transfer or transmutation of energies…As physical beings we are inside the framework of duality, no doubt, and hence the preference of certain events over others. But if we really want to have progress in our spiritual pursuits, we need to let go of that difference.”

    These statements challenged the years and years of mental conditioning I had. What however amazed me are the first hand shocking experiences I kept encountering immediately after, which was universe’s way of practically showing me the truth in those statements…

    I am still very much a work in progress, at times not knowing which way to take and where to go. And it was at one such moment in time that Kiran suddenly appeared … literally appeared… to take the session and show me the signposts along the path I am destined to travel on.

    Just let me add here sessions with Kiran are a little different, in that, they are result oriented and not cost oriented unlike many other practitioners…

    It is with immense gratitude I think of the day when Kiran suddenly decided to take the session for me. It not only released quite a few of my mental blocks and showed me new pathways, but more importantly taught me that the blueprint of success is coded into our DNA itself…depends upon how we define success and how openminded are we to receive that blueprint without colouring our vision first with judgements of others’ definitions of success.
    Thank you Kiran for the activation and helping me D-iscover N-ew A-venues. 🙂
    Now am eagerly waiting to attend your Body Language Workshop…

  2. Hey Anoo, thank you so much for your comment. But I believe it gives only one side of the energy exchange. You are forgetting what you taught me and how it is today helping me with my life. I only wish you would soon start spreading the magic to others through workshops and seminars of your own…

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