Be Aware of Your Semi Conscious Thoughts

This is one of the most powerful practises to accelarate progress and self development: Learning to become aware of your, of what I call, semi conscious thoughts. Our mind is a constant chatter of thoughts – but amids those seemingly simultaneous stream of thoughts, there is a steady undercurrent thought stream that is minute but certainly discernable. I call them ‘semi conscious’ thoughts for they aren’t loud for you to be easily conscious of them nor are they so sub conscious that you need to be in an altered state of mind to perceive them. It is easy to be aware of them if you put just enough awareness on it. In fact, most of the time we indeed ‘hear’ these semi conscious thoughts, but we had trained ourselves to ignore or suppress these thoughts. Now it is time to untrain that suppression and acutely become aware of these thoughts.

So what is so important about these thougths that we should be aware of them?

Simply put it is our conscience and it speaks the truth. It is for this very reason we trained ourselves to suppress these thoughts and it is precisely for this very reason that I ask you to become aware of them.

One of the biggest problems that people, unknowingly, face is not knowing their root problems. We seem to think lack of sleep, stress, diabetes, fear, anger or other such surface issues are our problems. But in fact they are mere symptoms of root issues within.

Becoming aware of our semi conscious thoughts helps us get to the root cause easily. Many times even the semi-conscious thought stream is not aware of our root causes but they are definitely aware of causes just below the layer of external symptoms. By simply training yourself to observe these thoughts will enable you to easily identify the root cause within no time.

To give you an example, I used to have the habit of becoming very angry whenever my dog (he’s a lab) dragged me along by its leash during the walks. I got used to pulling him back rudely and sometimes even slapping him after we reached home. I had always assumed I got angry because the dog was not obeying my commands. As I trained myself to become aware of my semi conscious thoughts, I came to realize the actual reason for being angry. I was afraid passers-by would laugh at me for being ridiculously pulled by a dog – I did not want to be laughed at. This simple awareness helped me to work on my core issue – fear of being laughed at (instead of assuming lack of obedience from my dog).

Also these semi-conscious thoughts aid an early diagnosis of an issue. We get to stop a habit or belief from easily becoming a major issue in near future. An example of this is I found that my anger issue was increasing at one point by the simple process of anticipating situations for me to get angry and it only a matter of time before I would be provoked simply because I was ready to be. Becoming aware of these thoughts, I soon curbed anticipation. That took me a long way in my anger management.

The third benefit of training yourself to monitor semi-conscious thoughts is its ability to point out the truth at the right time. Imagine a situation where you are discussing an opinion with someone. Without your knowledge the discussion is soon turning into an argument. By being aware of your semi-conscious thoughts you would be readily able to steer the course of discussion away from it turning into an argument for there will be a time when your semi-conscious mind goes ‘Whoa there! Watch where your conversation is leading to!’

The fourth and most powerful attribute of the semi-conscious mind is its ability to manifest its beliefs into reality and to affect thought transference. What do I mean by this? After training myself to be aware of this undercurrent thought stream, I soon became aware of the most silent thoughts among this stream. They were so swift and silent that it took me a while to even find out they were there. These are the thoughts that form and cement beliefs, manifest our reality for us, and even seem to have the ability to reach out to others. It seems to come from that part of the mind that is beyond established conventional science. But that is for another article because it is a very advanced practice.

In the next article, I would touch upon few simple techniques to easily train your conscious mind to become aware of your semi conscious thoughts. I will also share tips and tricks to harness the power of these thoughts for your benefits and not let it become your worst enemy.

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