Physical Pains Dealt With Reiki

When a client comes with physical pain, they usually expect that Reiki will be given to that particular part alone. But for every physical pain there will be an emotional issue. When a person is emotionally imbalanced, the corresponding chakra also gets affected. When the chakra gets repeatedly affected it eventually affects the physical body by increasing physical stress. If a person continues to neglect resolving the emotional issue it may surface on the body as a disease, pain, or an allergy.

When a Reiki healer scans for the reason she can find out which chakra is imbalanced. Based on that chakra we can find out the emotion. By giving healing through Reiki we can heal the root causes of the emotion. Naturally the chakra also gets balanced.

Case Study:

One client came with knee pains. During the scanning I found that five of her chakras were disturbed. Her right ear was also taking a lot of Reiki.  Finally I found that anger and fear were the root causes. I noticed in my scan that she was afraid of hearing some bad news about her family and she was having a lot of stored anger. I told the client about my diagnosis and she confirmed that both were true. After few sessions she reported that majority of her pains were healed.

Image Courtesy: sixninepixels from freedigitalphotos


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