Food for Thought – what you eat affects your mental state! A practical experiment!

A simple practical experiment to find out for yourself how your junk food influences your emotions, moods, and energy levels!

What we eat influences our moods! But can we control our monkey minds from junk food temptation?

A simple practical experiment to find out for yourself how your food influences your emotions!

There are already lots of posts on the internet on how the food we eat affects our moods and attitudes day to day. I am not going to go into detailed exposition about it. Instead here’s a simple and easy technique to realize the truth about it yourself. This technique is to find the effect of junk food over your mind as well as the body. This technique also helps you detoxify your system.

The technique involves two steps.

Step 1: Stop all junk food for a period of 30 days. Junk food involves all packaged food like chips, kurkure, chocolates, chewing gums, etc. Avoid all sodas, cool drinks and colas. Also avoid outside hotel food as much as possible including chat items and other fast food.

Drink a lot of water every day during that period of 30 days if you want to flush toxins out of system. You may notice some changes in your moods, emotions, and energy levels. Or you may not. Doesn’t matter at this point of time.

Step 2: This step lasts for a week after step 1. So after the 30 days of strict diet regulation, start eating all the junk food you are used to including chat items, sodas and colas, chips and kurkure, etc. The changes you will notice are too obvious to ignore or disregard as your imagination. You will find dramatic fluctuations in moods, emotions and energy levels apart from physical issues like indigestion, elevated body heat levels, etc.

After a week, you can decide for yourself whether to continue consuming junk food or not.

I’ve noticed experiential knowledge is the best kind of knowledge to be had. I accidentally discovered this technique when I tried to give up junk food and was tempted after four weeks of strict self-control.

So let me not tell you anything more about ill-effects of junk food. Realize the truth for yourself! It gives you the motivation and strength to stay off junk food.

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