Do you deserve to be healed?

Often our subconscious blocks healing just because we feel we don’t deserve to be healed! Get out of this foolish judgmental behavior!


Often we get ready to deal with issue in our lives but fail to ask that crucial question – Do I deserve to be healed? Am I worth receiving this healing? And failing to ask it becomes a mistake in many cases. Because it is a question that runs in the subconscious of many of us and the answer for that question, a lot of times is, no! And it is not the therapist who gives that answer; it is the client’s themselves.

We have all grown up with a lot of SEER programming – Socio Economic Educational and Religious programming. And as a part of that programming we are taught very early in life about guilt and punishment, and about merit and worth. We are told we receive only when we deserve it. We receive gifts when we deserve them and punishment when we deserve it.

We grow up to be judges of our own merits and faults. We grow up with a sense of who deserves what. So we end up asking a question as stupid as this – Do I deserve to be healed?

A Practical Exercise

I have had many clients who stopped just short of resolving their issues only because they feel they don’t deserve. And it is not just the area of healing this question is being asked. We apply this foolish question on many other areas of our life and block our happiness.

Do this exercise; just go and stand before a mirror and ask yourself the following:

Do I deserve to be rich?
Do I deserve such a happy life?
Do I deserve a wonderful partner?
Do I deserve mercy?
Do I deserve miracles in life?

Do I deserve to be poor?
Do I deserve the biggest issue I have in my life?
Do I deserve to be slapped on my face?
Do I deserve to be punished?

You can be surprised at the answers you give.

How do you stop this attitude?

It’s time to let go of this ‘eye for an eye’ judgemental attitude. And how do you do this? Stop judging people! As long you pronounce judgements on others’ lives you will continue to do so, even more so, with your own life.

And begin to look upon yourself as if you were a third person. Because we find many times it is easy to forgive others but not ourselves. The moment we look at ourselves as a third person, it is easy to be lenient on our own merits and demerits.

And work yourself out of the childhood programming you received. This can happen only if you turn open minded enough to question every ‘moral and social value’ that was programmed in you. Start today, it is never too late!

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