Power of Manifestation – Part 3 – Common Pitfalls

Common pitfalls while learning positive manifestation are using negative words and thoughts, manifesting at the last minute, expecting permanent changes too fast. Click on title to read in detail…

“I am NOT angry!” – dwelling on the negative.

Dwelling on the negative

The greatest pitfall! When an angry person keeps repeating to himself, “I am not angry! I am not angry!” He is dwelling on the anger. A person who says, “I am peaceful and calm” is getting it right. But at the same time after manifesting to be peaceful, if you still go ahead and try to measure how much your anger has reduced, you are still dwelling on the negative. Dwell on the peace you are finding instead!

Manifesting changes in reaction of self but not the world around

This is the second greatest pitfall! Taking the above example of angry person manifesting peace further, if this person keeps creating a mental picture of him being peaceful despite his boss or some family member provoking him, then he is manifesting the wrong way! Remember, in your mind your world is under your control. So if you manifest the above, then you are still manifesting your boss or your family member to be mean to you. Instead, manifest having made peace with them too and you being a peaceful person!

Manifesting at the last minute

Last minute manifestations need more effort.

By the time you start manifesting the positive changes you are already down the path of the negative manifestation. Let me explain by an example. You are trying to stop the habit of falling asleep during the afternoons. If you start manifesting that only when your eyes start drooping, you are manifesting at the last minute. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work. But you need to put extra effort. So by the time we are manifesting to stay awake, the old manifestation to fall asleep after lunch is already becoming a reality. Learn to start manifesting earlier, perhaps during the day much ahead of lunch. Of course, as you become stronger in positive manifestation, you will start questioning the need to sleep during the afternoons. Why did the need arise at all?

Expecting one manifestation exercise to change your core belief

Manifestations works wonderfully; in fact, as we discussed in earlier posts, our entire life is filled with manifestation of reality by our subconscious based on our beliefs. But what many people think is that if they do a single manifestation exercise to create a positive reality it will change their negative belief they had been carrying within.

The negative belief that you are trying to change is an age old belief. So expecting it to change with just one manifestation is unreasonable. The positive manifestation works every time you do it properly, but it requires a consistent repetition of many such positive manifestations for you to affect the core belief itself. It might get frustrating at times to see the negative belief surfacing up in spite of repeated efforts to think positive. Remember, frustration is the subconscious mind’s way to tricking you into giving up. (Read Frustration: The Shortcut to Failure).

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Photo Courtesy: farconville and Salvatore Vuono @ freedigitalphotos.net

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