Reiki Healing for Pets and Animals

Donation based Reiki Healing for Pets and other Animals. Contact us @ 9394301400. Check out fb page @purpleroomhealing

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Reiki Healing for Pets and Animals

We are very happy to announce that we are starting Reiki healing services for pets and animals on a donation basis. You can either bring your pets to our place in Hyderabad for Reiki healing sessions or, alternatively, you send us a photograph of your pet and we do distance Reiki healing sessions. All healing sessions for pets are on a donation basis which means there is no fixed fee per session, you just pay from your heart whatever amount you wish to donate for the sessions.

We are also conducting distance group Reiki healing sessions for strays and other animals. You just click a photograph of the sick animal and send it to us along with some details about it. We will send group healing to the animal from our place. We also broadcast the pic to other pet-loving Reiki healer friends.

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Reiki Workshop on Jan 7 & 8, 2017 in Hyderabad

meditation-1384758Begin the New Year by taking your health into your hands. Learn a healing system that will help you heal and manage your issues in life. Start 2017 by becoming a Reiki Healer! We are conducting a Reiki Healing Workshop Levels 1 & 2 coming January 7 & 8 (Sat, Sun), 2017.

Reiki is a Japanese form of Holistic Healing System where the Reiki Healer channelizes healing energies into the client to heal our energetic bodies and, via it, heal our issues in life. Reiki also promotes general and spiritual well-being of a person, improves health, relieves stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are the root causes for many ailments physical, mental as well as emotional.

The number of participants is limited between 6 & 8 only. Please register now to book your seat in this workshop! Please read our FAQs to learn more Reiki. For Registrations call Geetha @ 9394301400.

Three Spells for Super Blood Moon this Sunday, September 27 2015

Here are three useful spells and a meditation technique for prosperity, psychic abilities and mental healing for the coming Super Blood Moon day on September 27, 2015.

Follow the link: Three Spells and A Meditation

Reiki Healing in Hyderabad

Purple Room Healing is now in Hyderabad with Reiki Healing and Reiki Workshops only. Currently our services include:

Reiki Healing for
Physical Diseases like Diabetes, Allergies, Blood Pressure, Joint or Body Pains, Migraine Headaches, Asthma, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Stress Relief, etc.
Emotional and Relationship Issues
Spirit/Energy Attachments

For Appointment and other queries contact:
Geetha Pallavi
Reiki Master – William Lee Rand
Mob: 9394301400

Healing Crystals – Coming Soon!

Amethyst Angel Crystal
Amethyst Angel Crystal

We are very happy to announce we are shortly introducing Healing Crystal products on sale at our holistic healing center Purple Room Healing. Traditionally crystals have been used for various healing purposes across centuries. Today, crystal healing is an independent healing modality by itself. Crystals like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Labradorite, Garnet, Bloodstone, Agate, Rainbow Moonstone, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Kyanite and a hundred other crystals are used for healing various issues including Personal, Physical, Professional, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual areas of life. They are also for protection, to heal negativity, and for various other problems.

Crystals come in various forms including Geodes and clusters, Rough stones, tumbles, pyramids, merkaba stars, beads for bracelets and crystal jewellery, towers, Angels, pencils, spheres, oval cabochons, pendants, etc. Crystal wands are used in various energy healing therapies including Pranic Healing, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, etc. Bracelets are the most preferred way of using crystals for personal healing. Advanced Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters use Reiki Grid a grid made of crystals arranged in particular esoteric and geometric patterns. Reiki Grids help in magnifying the healing energies and they also help to keep a steady and constant flow of Reiki energies to the clients or places that need regular healing. Reiki grids need to be regularly charged in order to heal better.

Crystal Pyramids, spheres are used for Therapies as well as to heal and protect spaces such as houses, business places, offices, etc.

Our products will be available for now in Chennai and Hyderabad. Please watch this page for more on crystals and our products.

Physical Pains Dealt With Reiki

When a client comes with physical pain, they usually expect that Reiki will be given to that particular part alone. But for every physical pain there will be an emotional issue. When a person is emotionally imbalanced, the corresponding chakra also gets affected. When the chakra gets repeatedly affected it eventually affects the physical body by increasing physical stress. If a person continues to neglect resolving the emotional issue it may surface on the body as a disease, pain, or an allergy.

When a Reiki healer scans for the reason she can find out which chakra is imbalanced. Based on that chakra we can find out the emotion. By giving healing through Reiki we can heal the root causes of the emotion. Naturally the chakra also gets balanced.

Case Study:

One client came with knee pains. During the scanning I found that five of her chakras were disturbed. Her right ear was also taking a lot of Reiki.  Finally I found that anger and fear were the root causes. I noticed in my scan that she was afraid of hearing some bad news about her family and she was having a lot of stored anger. I told the client about my diagnosis and she confirmed that both were true. After few sessions she reported that majority of her pains were healed.

Image Courtesy: sixninepixels from freedigitalphotos