Reiki can develop your intuition

Every human is an intuitive being. The world of intuition opens up a whole new world and for those who’ve seen it, there’s no unseeing. Reiki can open up a whole new way of ‘seeing’ the world!

Reiki can open up a whole new way of ‘seeing’ the world!

Every human is an intuitive being. Children are more attuned to it than adults because in the process of growing up and being schooled into an exclusive rational thought process, we eventually listen less and less to our intuition and finally lose touch with it. But our intuition is never really gone, and we can re-learn to listen to it and even develop it if we choose to. All it needs is a regular practice of listening to ourselves. There are many methods to revive our intuitive capabilities and I’m writing about Reiki practice and how it can sensitize us to our inner voice once more.

I’ve been practicing Reiki for over five years now. Over the years, I’ve seen my own intuitive abilities spiral and bloom and still continue to grow. Though there are other practises that I do too, my Reiki practice has significantly contributed to increasing my intuition levels. I have seen myself change from a non-believing skeptic of intuition to someone who relies on it on an everyday basis with my Reiki practice. The reason being consistent practice. Of course, I cannot boast of uninterrupted practice of Reiki meditation for months or years. Like all beginners, there were days or weeks altogether where I did not practice any meditations or take up Reiki healing sessions. Like any beginner, I could not ‘feel’ anything upon my palms or energy pass through my hands. Like many novices, when I scanned a person I came up with nothing on several occasions. Yet by the simple virtue of going back to my practice again and again, I was able to gradually develop my intuitive abilities and also explore the world of energy healing.

Reiki is an energy healing system and works on the principle that all living beings are filled with a life-force energy (Qi, Chi or Prana) and the source of that life-force is universal life-force said to be available all around us to readily tap into anytime. Reiki practice helps draw in that Qi energy and use it to heal our own energy blocks and deficiencies and also channel it to others who are in need of healing.

Naturally, if we are to heal people we ought to be able to diagnose what’s wrong with them in the first place. Reiki practice offers a few meditative tools to build the intuitive abilities of the healer for them to make accurate diagnosis of the ailment. And every Reiki healing session also tremendously attunes the intuition of the practioner. Only thing left in the hands of the practioner is practice!

I’ve noticed that today Reiki is a part of my lifestyle and intuition is something that I rely on for nearly everything. When I meet new persons, I notice it is my intuitive impressions are that are usually correct than my rational judgment of them. When I counsel people, I rely on my intuitive sense which gives seemingly random messages which turn out to be relevant to the client. I’ve learnt to heed my inner sense to make decisions in my life and also do not hesitate to make split second changes if my intuition says so. Of course, this is all possible only if we can know the difference between intuitive sense and our sense of fear. Because both of them can are gut reactions and can be mistaken for one another. Here again Reiki is helping me by healing through my fears and teaching to me listen to subtle signs that tell intuition apart from fear.

The more and more as I’m attuned into my intuitive sense, I’m discovering many more paths for me to explore, be fascinated by, and use to heal myself and others. The world of intuition opens up a whole new world and for those who’ve seen it, there’s no unseeing.

The Horn of a Unicorn

Unicorns ask us to embrace our innate nature of child-like trust in life.

The Horn of a Unicorn
The Horn of a Unicorn

Unicorns usher in a new reality into our lives. One of purity, non-duality, childlike innocence, magic, and hope. But perhaps the most important message of a Unicorn is the need to shift from our Ajna chakra (Third Eye) based spiritual life to a purer living through Crown chakra. In this age of left-brain dominated activities everything we do and desire need to fall under the purview of our mental grasping. We even subject our creative endeavors to the laws of logic, statistics and averages.

So it is no surprise that all our spiritual pursuits are also, consciously or unconsciously, aimed at the activation of third eye rather than the ultimate goal of self-realization. We ‘need’ to know everything we do spiritually. We are concerned with the arousal of our clairvoyance abilities. Our meditations are despairing efforts of concentration than the ability to let go and be. We need to ‘know’ ourselves and the tiniest quota of the unknown throws us into desperation and irrational fears. Our faith is more of testing and being tested and than that of simple trust in our higher faculties.

Even the Unicorn’s horn is misinterpreted sometimes as a symbol of third eye awakening. Let us take a moment and imagine ourselves to be that Unicorn. Let us posture ourselves like it. Immediately we realize that the horn of the Unicorn is not between the brows of the horse but on the top of its head. A Unicorn is a pure symbol of divine surrender and simple trust in life itself. The horn symbolize the union of both the right and left brain hemispheres but it doesn’t spring from our ‘intellectual’ efforts for the union. Rather it is like an icicle, or better a stalagmite of ice that is formed by gradual dripping of divine nectar of bliss from above. Each and every time we let go and just be and trust the life within to nourish us, even if it is for a fleeting moment, we dip into that sweet and divine bliss of eternity and beyond. And over time, as droplets over droplets accumulate and drip into us, the poles of balance expand from the third-eye-and-sacral-chakra spin to the crown-and-root-chakra spin. The third eye enjoyments can be as vicarious as the navel chakra enjoyments.

A Unicorn is asking us to trust life like a child does, to believe in magic – not just of ethereal kind but of practical, earthly nature too. The Horn of Unicorn is an usher into reality beyond illusions but to glimpse it we need to go beyond knowing and the known, like a Unicorn does. Can we?