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Purple Room Healing

Note: This feedback is from clients of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki Healing in Chennai and Hyderabad. As well as from participants in Body Language Workshop, Reiki Workshops in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

6 thoughts on “Client Feedback

  1. it is about the body language workshop i attanded on 28/29 of jan’12. it was very useful and informative. what i find special about this workshop is that it comes from a space of contribution and sharing and that makes it very interesting. Thanks Kiran…for sharing your knowledge…for it is going to help everyone.

  2. I meet Geetha at a social gathering, when we started our conversation about healing and she was extremely pleasant; delightful about the whole talk, she has shown me and directed me about healing in a complete different manner.
    I was very receptive about Reiki but she slowly with her angelic ability changed my mind set and convince me to come for Reiki healing,after that there was no looking back in life, my believe systems,mind set towards few things all broke.
    I got attuned for Reiki Mastership by her warm n caring hands. Now i’m enjoying myself,family and my work. Thanks a ton Geetha for helping me in my development in this spiritual journey.

  3. Meeting Kiran and Geetha was one of the most wonderful experience for me. These guys know what they are talking about!!! Be it healing by Rekhi, PLR or by just counseling, he helps you put things into prospective.

    The body language workshop was another great learning experience. I assumed it is going to be the discussion on more obvious body gestures but I was in for a surprise. The workshop helped understand my own reactions to situations and helped me in reading others more effectively. I always thought reading Micro Expressions were only in fiction, but it is actually quite possible for anybody with the right guidance and constant practice!!

    The couple also have a wonderful vision and they always try to give something back to the society.

    For me personally they always went out of their way to help me deal with my problems. Be it day or night. From just being a client i felt like I was a part of the family.

    I wish you all the very best Kiran and Geetha, keep doing the good work that you do!!

  4. Coming in contact with Kiran Relangi and Geetha Pallavi was the most beautiful thing to happen in my life after the tragic loss of my friend. I came in for the healing of my other friend (who needed it the most) but I never knew that I would get healed in this process. I found out about Purple Healing Room on net when i was vigorously searching for Hypnotherapist in Hyderabad. At first, my friend came in for healing. Looking at the way the therapy was progressing, I was inspired to go for Hypnotherapy for my anger issues. So, along with my friend, I went to Kiran for Hypnotherapy to get control over my uncontrollable anger. Through series of sessions and guidance from Kiran, I learned to control my anger.My anger came completly down through Hypnotherapy and I started to understand things more clearly. Thanks to Kiran, my view on life has changed. Now I am able to make out sense out of things and live TENSION FREE life. During his sessions I stumbled onto more graver issues then just anger. The root cause of it. MY SELF HATRED WAS THE CAUSE OF IT. Kiran started to eliminate the frustrations n self hatred. it helped a lot n controlled my anger a lot. He guided and helped me cope with my self hatred which at that time seemed an impossible task for me. I was more than just stubborn to shake my self hatred out of me and inculcate self love. Kiran patiently dealt with me and my then self hatred. He went to the root of this issue and helped my over come this milestone. Ever since then I never felt so much better.

    He thought my soul needed healin and he was right. He suggested Geetha 4 rekie. Her rekie had helped me a lot! I am able to love my self n accept myself 4 what i am. my anger has come down a lot! m more CALM AND PEACEFUL now. the smile never leaves my lips. Thanks to Kiran and Geetha, i am able to luk at life through new prospective and able to live better n happy. in fact i feel more lighter. Tension free life. Their guidance has inculcated strength in me to face any problems and stil grow stronger through out the processes. Everything and every problem seems to be very small. I thank them from the bottom of my heart! m really greatfull to both of them.

    This encouraged me to learn rekie from them. I got my Rekie 1st and 2nd level attunement from Kiran. Their workshop was amazing. Their thoughts and the way they make you understand and give you a clear picture about rekie was amazing. Ilearned a lot and not mention I had lots of fun during the workshop. This is most definitly the best workshop I have ever visited.

    Seriously Thanks a ton to both KIRAN AND GEETHA!!

  5. Infact 99% of my anger is out of me and I proudly LOVE MYSELF AND ACCEPT MYSELF completly.

    Seriously thanks.
    You guys rock!
    cheers 🙂 😀

  6. This is a long pending feedback about this amazing place.I had some sessions with Kiran for my personal problem in 2013.Life is peaceful and happy now and Kiran has played very important role in that.Of all the money minded therapists you see around Kiran is God sent.I further took Reiki I and II training from Kiran and Geetha which was equally amazing.I got an amazing job out of the blue and everything fell in place.I you have given up hope about problems in life I would strongly suggest you give this place one last try.A lot of people who atteneded Reiki training with me had amazing healing experiences as well.

    Thanks a lot for all the help 🙂 hope u guys continue this amazing work 🙂

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