What people think about you is their problem!

When people have an opinion about you, it is not the truth, it is just their thought. What people think of you is their problem…unless you want to make it your problem too! Click on the title to read more…


Every day we are amidst opinions – both ours as well as others. We find a barrage of opinions, true or false, right or wrong, each trying to find its way through our mind and influence us. Teachers giving opinions alongside facts of the subjects they teach, colleagues and bosses trying to rub their opinions about how a problem must be solved, parents, spouses, and children giving us their thoughts about life.

Some of them we reject outright but some of them we value. Those that we reject have no influence upon us but those that we accept, consciously or subconsciously, change us. They change us little by little or they change us outright based on the intensity of the experience.

Today let me talk about two kinds of opinions; both are opinions about you. One kind is opinions that people hold about you and second is what you think about yourself.

People have a right to their opinion and a right to express it. But what many end up doing is trying to rub that opinion on others. Whether they have right to do it or not is the question here. The question is how much you are valuing their opinions.

What opinions people hold about you are their thoughts and problems until you let it become your issue by giving value to their thoughts. Nobody can force you to do anything. If you feel you need to live up to their expectations and opinions about you, then it’s a choice you make. What people think about you is their problem. You don’t have to be a part of it.

There is a reason why we reject some opinions while we accept others. It depends on what opinions you hold about yourself. When I call a white skinned man a black he will simply laugh it away, because he knows his skin is fair. However, if I criticize the performance of a person suffering from low self-esteem, he/she will allow my words to sting and hurt because he/she ‘knows’ my words to be true. He/she will either react angrily or accept meekly.

The next time you are reacting to a person’s comments on you, stop and look within to find out which negative opinion you hold of yourself has been aroused. Work on it and change that belief in self instead of trying to react or prove other’s wrong.

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