Self Awareness through Body Behaviour Workshop

Self Awareness through Body Behaviour Workshop
Body Behaviour Workshop in Tiruvannamalai

How often are we aware of our inner state of being?

Can we become aware of our emotions as they begin to arise, before they become a flood?

How do we monitor our daily thoughts and emotions?

How stressed and anxious are we in our daily routine?

Self awareness is a way of progress – both spiritual as well as material. Awareness of our inner state of being helps us identify and work through various phases in our lives. It helps us with keeping healthy relationships both with ourselves as well as with our loved ones.

Watching our thoughts can be a difficult and, at times, a most frustrating of endeavors. Luckily each of us have an anchor – the physical body. Our bodies not only help keep us grounded in the present moment but they are also perfect mirrors for all our thoughts – both conscious and subconscious.

Almost all of our body behaviour, be it a gesture, a movement, a posture, or an expression, is a reflection of our inner state of being. By learning to watch our body behaviour everyday, we gain access into the inner recesses of our emotional and mental states. We can become aware of our anxieties, our stress-related thoughts, our emotional tipping points, our inner fears and motivations. Over time, the practice can help us identify self-destructive and repeating patterns in which our lives sometimes seem to get caught in.

It also helps us have better interpersonal relationships as we learn to be more empathetic towards others around us because we can understand them beyond their spoken words and defensive behaviours.


We will learn to observe ourselves and understand our gestures, postures, expressions, micro-expressions, and micro-gestures that we commonly exhibit in our daily routines.

We will examine various real life video footages of people to practically understand the body behaviour in various circumstances.

We will participate in discussions on moral/social/religious issues that can bring up various defensive and offensive gestures and behaviour in us. This will help us in watching our body behaviour as emotions and thoughts arise, flow and subside.

We will record and interpret videos of our introductions, discussions, and other physical activity we may participate in. In short, we deepen our awareness of ourselves.


25th March (Saturday) – 10 am till 6pm
26th March (Sunday) – 9am till 5pm
Participants will have to bring their own notebooks and stationary. If they want a copy of their recordings, then they are requested to bring their own usb drives on the second day.

*The workshop is limited to 8-10 participants only.


Gift Economy (you may pay from your heart whatever you are willing and able to)

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About the facilitator – Kiran:

Kiran comes from a background of therapy and healing. He is a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer with an experience of about 5 years. He has been conducting workshops on Non-verbal Behaviour for about eight years now.


Is this workshop same as a workshop on Body Language?

Body Language, of late, has come to mean manipulation of our body behaviour and appearance in order to project a false image of ourselves to gain advantage of a social or a professional situation. In such workshops we are encouraged to control and hide our original emotions and thoughts, and also to assume non-existent rapport with other persons for our own gain. Our workshop is different from it.

In fact, the opposite is encouraged here. An honest exploration of our body behaviour in order to unearth underlying emotions and thoughts is the focus of this workshop with a goal of eventual release of our self-limiting beliefs, fears, and blocked emotions.

Will I be taught how to better present myself in professional situations and impress others?

No. This workshop focuses on exploring our authentic selves beneath and beyond our social masks and images.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone with an interest in self-exploration and self-healing is welcome to join us. Age is no bar.

Can I control my emotions like anger and sorrow after this workshop?

When you say control, I am assuming you mean resolution. That is being able to resolve emotional issues. In that case, this workshop would be a good start, yes.

Here we learn to identify and become aware of our internal resistances and reactions. All ‘dark’ emotions start off as a resistance to an external situation and with body awareness we can identify them and examine the root causes of these emotions.

Awareness would be the emphasis of this workshop, since awareness is needed for any release/resolution. Do understand that in case of certain long-standing traumas and deeply blocked emotions you do need acceptance and surrender to your emotional state especially when the resolution/release begins.


Practical Body Language Workshop Level 1

What does the non-verbal behavior of these executives tell you?

Foundation Course in Non-verbal Behaviour (Practical Body Language Workshop Level 1)

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter F. Drucker

Our bodies reflect our subconscious. With or without the intention to communicate, we all powerfully express ourselves through our bodies. And learning to interpret these expressions helps us learn more about ourselves, others and our relationships. It helps uncover deeper issues within and also to heal our relationships and communications.

♦ Understand people better
♦ Express yourself better
♦ Redefine your relationships
♦ Remove unwanted body behaviour in you
♦ Find if the other person is lying
♦ Know when to stop a conversation
♦ Find the relationship between two people just by observation
♦ Know your own innermost issues by simple observation exercises

♣ Gestures and postures are explained by each body part for easier understanding.
♣ Extensive role playing sessions are included for practical observation and to make learning easy.
♣ Body Language of each participant is recorded and analysed in-depth both by the coach as well as the participants.
♣ Special focus on Detecting Liars, Dating Body Language, Social & Business Body Language.
♣ Videos of real life situations like interviews, press announcements, debates are shown and analysed.
♣ Every theory session is followed by hand-on exercises for immediate observation and to make learning easier.
♣ Limited seats (max 8) allow individual attention and in-depth study with enough practical for each participant.

Kiran Relangi is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Body Language Expert and a Traditional Reiki Master based in Hyderabad. With nearly 6 years of experience in Body Language Training having trained Therapists, Businesspeople, Students, Animators, Actors across various cities.

DATE: January 28, 29 (Saturday and Sunday) 2012
TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
VENUE: Jakkur, Bangalore (exact venue to be announced soon)
COMPENSATION: Rs. 3500/- (prior registration) (includes tea, lunch and DVD study material)

LAST REGISTRATION DATE: January 20, 2011 (No Spot Registrations)
CONTACT: Kiran Relangi +91 9849708458 9 (Hyderabad)

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