Power of Manifestation – Part 1

We are hardly aware that nearly every experience we have in life is a product of our own manifestation. Unless we look back at the recurring patterns in our lives, we cannot really see the truth or be aware of the immense power we have at our disposal. Click on the title to read more…

Every thought of ours has a ripple effect!

Nearly everything that happens to us is our creation. On the outside we may believe circumstances or people around us are responsible for certain experiences we go through in life. Looking at a situation in isolation certainly portrays it so. However, if you just take a step back and look at the whole picture called ‘life’ the truth becomes apparent.

How is it that we continually become victims in certain situations? Some of us repeatedly find ourselves in financial crunches. Some of us inevitably become the scapegoat of office politics. Some of us are regular victims of bullying. Some of us end up in only bad relationships. Some of us always get caught in the traffic.

Isn’t it uncanny that nature, fate, or people around always know to pick on you? When you look at an isolated situation of your boss bypassing you for a promotion it certainly looks like he’s been playing politics. But when you look at the pattern of similar events in your life where you never received what you deserved in your career, isn’t that too much of a coincidence? What is the common factor in all of these events? You!

Our subconscious has the ability to manifest into reality what it believes to be true. A person who believes that tragedy follows every happy situation in life, his subconscious makes it true. How does it exactly achieve such feats may be explained by rationality alone. It is true that, through our body language, facial reactions, and our general interactions with the world around we communicate our beliefs and personality.

For instance, a person who suffers from low self-esteem and believes she will never get approval from her family will always put forward a body behaviour which invites disapproval. She manages to get herself into situations where she will be disapproved for her actions. She attracts relationships that will prove her beliefs right.

In the next post, let us examine how to use this power of manifestation to our advantage and learn to manifest what we want in life.

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Mind Drama
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Mind Drama

Mind Drama is the dramatic argument we sometimes have with our subconscious. It is a trick played on us by our subconscious in order to keep our defenses intact. But since every goal of therapy is break down self-limiting defenses, we need to learn how to get out of these Mind Dramas.

The trick of our subconscious to lure us into arguments with it and how to get out of such situations.

When conscious and subconscious start arguing Mind Drama happens

We all experience certain negative emotions that are difficult to control or remove. It is true, probably, that we can never be entirely free of our anger, envy, jealousy, fear, and other negative emotions. However, for some people some of these negative emotions become too much of a problem. For instance, some people seem to be inherently jealous of everyone. Some are always fearful. Some are very short tempered. Each of these person faces a tough time in controlling these emotions.

One of the reasons these are difficult to control is because our subconscious mind plays a trick on us. I call it the Mind Drama. Remember the times when you had an emotional internal argument with yourself? One part of you would want to control the negative emotion while the other part of the mind keeps giving arguments to support your negative emotion. This is mind drama – a dramatic conversation that you run with your subconscious.

For instance, you hear a friend of yours has been promoted. You suddenly start feeling jealous and insecure. A part of your mind keeps giving reasons why your friend does not deserve that promotion or it keeps comparing you with your friend and says you are better than him and so on. You try to negate these thoughts by arguing with that part of the mind. No matter how the argument ends you only succeed in suppressing those emotions for the time being.

The trick that the subconscious plays here is luring us into the argument, because no matter what is the outcome of the argument, the subconscious wins. It has won the moment you began arguing with your subconscious.

You may ask why does our subconscious throw up these emotions in us or support it. The answer is that the emotions are coming up because of some root belief and the subconscious supports it because it cannot discriminate what is right or wrong. It just makes true the belief. In the above example, the person could be jealous because of some security issues in past where they formed a limiting belief about their progress or capacity. Hence they see everybody else’s progress as a threat to their growth.

So what is the solution for this Mind Drama?

Simple, don’t get into one! Just refuse to let your subconscious pull you into the argument. And if you suddenly find yourself in a Mind Drama, simply get out of it.

Understand the subconscious will try everything to tempt you into the Mind Drama. It will bring up the most provocative arguments and juicy imagination. Just remain firm. And keep getting out of the dramas whenever you find yourself already into it.

By getting out of them consistently, you slowly gain control over your subconscious in that area and it starts co-operating with you. You will also be clear on your core issue instead of being misled into petty issues. You will have more time to focus on finding and resolving your core beliefs.

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How we manifest our own troubles!

There are failures or obstacles in our lives that are situational and again there are failures in our lives that are our own doing. And we are responsible for more failures and issues in our lives than we realize. We create our own failures and issues in life without being consciously aware we are doing it. So how do we do it? We do it through the power of manifestation.

When our subconscious believes something it puts all its power to use to make that belief true. For example if your subconscious believes you are forgetful, it makes it true and we become forgetful. Similarly, if our subconscious believes your boss hates you and assigns you extra workload just out of spite, our subconscious will manifest it. It will make your boss hate you and give you more assignments.

But how can your mind influence your boss’s mind?

Let me show you by an example:

You are entering your office and you are passing by your boss’s cubicle. There is a glass partition and your boss is talking on the phone. As soon as you are moving past the cubicle, he happens to catch you out of the corner of his eye. He immediately summons you and assigns more work. How are YOU manifesting this?

Well, if your subconscious believes that your boss gives your work whenever he sees you then whenever you are passing by your boss’s cubicle you will be giving yourself autosuggestions that your boss will turn anytime and assign you more work (with or without you consciously knowing). Your body language automatically turns stealthy like a thief trying to escape. You try not to look at your boss but you watch his movements out of the corner of your eye.

Naturally, your boss’s mind will also notice a passing figure out of the corner of his eye. And when that figure appears to be moving with a thief’s body language, the subconscious becomes alert and your boss turns around. He calls you inside and immediately your body language becomes different. With all the autosuggestions you have given yourself, your shoulders will slump and your head tilts down slightly as if in surrender. Since the subconscious of your boss is telling you were slinking away like a guilty party, he will naturally feel inclined to give you more work thinking you were bunking some assignment.

When similar situations happen over time your boss will start manifesting the situation and it becomes a two-way feeding mechanism. When you are not slinking away, your boss’s subconscious is on lookout for you.

Another example could be our negotiations with Auto drivers, especially in cities like Hyderabad and Chennai. At times we become so frustrated with the cheating auto drivers that when we are hailing an auto, we are mentally prepared to get into an argument. So our subconscious mind tries to choose a guy who looks like a cheater. And after telling the driver our destination, we pause slightly waiting for him to give a price. This invitation is enough for the auto driver to start demanding more money and we have got our change to fight with him. Instead of simply going to our destination we spend our time getting upset and angry!

More serious issues are usually manifestations among family members. Wife subconsciously encouraging her husband to suspect her loyalty just because she believes his disapproval is a sign of his deep affection for her. Similarly, a mother waiting for her young daughter to sit very close to the television so she could admonish her. Manifestations between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. And the list can go on…

In the next post I shall write about how these manifestations can be changed and how you can even create positive manifestations.