The Horn of a Unicorn

Unicorns ask us to embrace our innate nature of child-like trust in life.

The Horn of a Unicorn
The Horn of a Unicorn

Unicorns usher in a new reality into our lives. One of purity, non-duality, childlike innocence, magic, and hope. But perhaps the most important message of a Unicorn is the need to shift from our Ajna chakra (Third Eye) based spiritual life to a purer living through Crown chakra. In this age of left-brain dominated activities everything we do and desire need to fall under the purview of our mental grasping. We even subject our creative endeavors to the laws of logic, statistics and averages.

So it is no surprise that all our spiritual pursuits are also, consciously or unconsciously, aimed at the activation of third eye rather than the ultimate goal of self-realization. We ‘need’ to know everything we do spiritually. We are concerned with the arousal of our clairvoyance abilities. Our meditations are despairing efforts of concentration than the ability to let go and be. We need to ‘know’ ourselves and the tiniest quota of the unknown throws us into desperation and irrational fears. Our faith is more of testing and being tested and than that of simple trust in our higher faculties.

Even the Unicorn’s horn is misinterpreted sometimes as a symbol of third eye awakening. Let us take a moment and imagine ourselves to be that Unicorn. Let us posture ourselves like it. Immediately we realize that the horn of the Unicorn is not between the brows of the horse but on the top of its head. A Unicorn is a pure symbol of divine surrender and simple trust in life itself. The horn symbolize the union of both the right and left brain hemispheres but it doesn’t spring from our ‘intellectual’ efforts for the union. Rather it is like an icicle, or better a stalagmite of ice that is formed by gradual dripping of divine nectar of bliss from above. Each and every time we let go and just be and trust the life within to nourish us, even if it is for a fleeting moment, we dip into that sweet and divine bliss of eternity and beyond. And over time, as droplets over droplets accumulate and drip into us, the poles of balance expand from the third-eye-and-sacral-chakra spin to the crown-and-root-chakra spin. The third eye enjoyments can be as vicarious as the navel chakra enjoyments.

A Unicorn is asking us to trust life like a child does, to believe in magic – not just of ethereal kind but of practical, earthly nature too. The Horn of Unicorn is an usher into reality beyond illusions but to glimpse it we need to go beyond knowing and the known, like a Unicorn does. Can we?