Performance Improvement through Hypnotherapy and Positive Affirmations

We all have our own skills and talents. We also have a bucket list of skills to acquire and a list of skills to polish. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful way to improve or acquire a new skill – be it picking up a new language, learning to play an instrument, getting better at a sport, driving a vehicle better, improving one’s communication skills, etc.

Hypnotherapy is traditionally used for two major purposes. One is to help the clients heal past their past traumas and emotional scars. And the second is to improve their performance or pick up new skills efficiently.

Hypnotherapy and positive affirmations can help a person get better at what they do or even learn a new skill. It requires a certain consistency in follow-up between sessions.

For a person to get better at anything, they need regular practice. But some find it difficult even with practice or that they are unable to get better in spite of regular practice. This could be because they may have had formed negative associations with their practice and/or anxiety is preventing them from learning well.

This is where Hypnotherapy is tremendously useful. A combination of therapy sessions to find the self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions associated with the past experiences with that particular skill (or, sometimes, learning itself) and a set of positive affirmation/visualization sessions can help clear their fears and anxieties and also allow them to learn much more efficiently. In order for the sessions to be successful and long-lasting, the follow-up exercises have to be done regularly by the client.

For further details, do give us a call on 9500117083

Reiki Workshop in Hyderabad Level 1, 2

reiki healing chennaiOur next Reiki workshop in Hyderabad is scheduled on 25 and 26 of May, about two weeks from now. Like all our workshops we take a maximum number of 6 participants per workshop. So please register early if you’d like to participate.

Also like all our earlier workshops, it is mandatory for a participant to attend both Level 1 and Level 2 of the workshop.

Workshop Details:
Dates: 25, 26 May, 2019
Venue: Sankalpam – Purple Room Healing, Sidhartha Nagar, Hyderabad 500038
Timing: 9:30 to 4:30 (on both days)
Certification Provided: Yes
Medium of Language: English (Telugu classes are also conducted, please call the below number for details)
To Register call: Geetha, 9500117083

Below are a few brief details about Reiki, Levels of learning, eligibility for participation, etc.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of Holistic Healing System originating from Japan. A Reiki Healer channelizes healing energies into the client to heal an assortment of issues. Reiki also promotes general and spiritual well-being of a person, improves health, relieves stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are the root causes for many ailments physical, mental as well as emotional.

How many levels are there in Reiki?

We follow a 4 level Reiki teaching system, whereas some other schools break-up the same course into 5 or more levels. Reiki is taught through a transmission process called attunement which is done by the Reiki Master/Grandmaster. Once attuned, the participant can channel Reiki energy and can use it to heal themselves or others. Every level has an attunement done by the Reiki Master.

Level 1 is the beginner level and anyone who is interested in self-healing or exploring energy systems can participate. Anybody above the age of 9 onward can learn Reiki. In Level 1, you are attuned to learn channel Reiki energy. You are also taught about the Chakra system, how to perform a full body reiki on oneself and on others. You can also learn about how to scan a person’s chakras to assess and diagnose the person’s issues.

Level 2 is distance healing level and the participant must have completed Level 1 to be eligible to apply for Level 2. In our school of teaching, Level 1 and 2 are taught together across two consecutive days. After the Level 2 attunement, the participant will be able to do distance healing, wherein the person needing reiki need not be physically present with the healer. The participant is also taught about reiki symbols and how to use them. The participant is also taught about energy attachments and methods to cleanse places, heal plants and animals.

Level 3, Advanced Reiki Techniques, is taught to eligible people 6 months after their Level 2 workshop. Psychic Surgery a powerful technique for healing is taught in this workshop. Level 3 increases one’s ability to channel reiki and is more suited for people who are interested in doing level 4 and making reiki a part of their daily lifestyle. New symbols are taught and attuned for in this level by the reiki master. And exercises needed for Level 4 are taught here. Participation is not obligatory.

Level 4 or the Master Course is the final level in our school of teaching. Here the participant is attuned with the master symbols and is taught how to perform attunements of all the four levels. This means, after Level 4, the participant becomes a Reiki Master and will be able to attune others into the Reiki healing system. Eligibility for the Master Course is completion of Level 3 and at least a year of practice both upon oneself and also on others.

Purple Room Healing is now Sankalpam

Purple Room Healing has now become Sankalpam. Along with the new name, there are a host of new additions and changes in our services and activities.

Our Regular Healing Activities Continue

All our healing services and activities that we regularly offer shall continue at our new center. We offer Hypnotherapy, Reiki Healing, Past Life Regression Sessions, Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions. We also conduct, from time to time, workshops on Reiki Healing, Body Behaviour, and other workshops.

New Talks and Workshops on Alternative Living and Healing

Along with our regular healing activities, we are shortly announcing talks and workshops on alternative living, holistic healing practices and other activities that promote well-being and holistic living. Talks and workshops by various people from different streams of life and healing practices will shortly be announced in our posts.

Our Address has changed

We have shifted our premises closer to the city. We are now located in Siddhartha Nagar about 2 km from Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Note: For the moment our page on FB shall retain its old name of Purple Room Healing

More updates coming shortly…

Book Your Online Oracle/Tarot/Angel Card Reading Sessions

kuan yin copyrighted

I am doing online Oracle card readings this month for this year ahead. If you’re interested in a card reading session with me please whatsapp me on the number below. Read the full post before you message me so you could know what to expect in a card reading session.

Are Oracle readings about future predictions?

Oracle spreads are not really about predictions, though they do indicate a certain path into future. They are more about the inner state of being and what one can do inwards and outwards to improve their situation in any area of life. They do indicate the general direction life can take in future provided the current inner state continues unchanged, which means that direction can be changed if one works on oneself.

Each card reading is called a spread – where a specific number of cards are taken for the question and sometimes arranged in a particular manner.

Kinds of Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

There are two types of readings that I usually do. First is a general reading where you do not have any specific questions in mind but are looking for a general advice/guidance for the year ahead or in a particular area of your life. The second kind of reading is question based where you ask up to three questions and we do either one or more spreads based on the nature of questions.

Please avoid asking yes or no questions – they are generally fruitless spreads. Ask for advice or direction to take, that usually works well with readings.

Avoid asking about every area of life in a single session. Please prioritize and focus on one or two areas of life. That’ll give more clearer readings and we’ll also have time to address further doubts arising from the spread.

oracle copyrighted

Every Reading is unique

I am no longer doing the regular spreads that you find online – like the three card readings, Celtic cross, etc. You can always do them online for free. Nor do I do a spread from just one deck of cards. I pick the number decks, cards and arrangement intuitively during the pre-talk with you before the reading begins. I rarely use my tarot deck, my readings are usually from angel guide decks. They provide softer and more therapeutic guidance.

Are the Angel Card Readings done online?

Yes. All my Oracle Card Readings are done through video calling on whatsapp. I prefer whatsapp because it can be done easily on a mobile.

How long does a single sitting take?

Card readings will usually take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. We can never predict that! So do have that time when you sit for a reading.

What are the charges for a reading?

My sessions are all donation based – meaning you pay for each session but how much you pay is up to you.

How do I go about it?

Message me on +91 9500117031
We use that number only for Whatsapp messages, so leave a Whatsapp message only. Please don’t call on that number – we don’t pick calls on this number.

Come if you’re looking for guidance from your guides or if you are curious about card readings!

Stress relief through Bathing…

children-1822704_1920I’m sitting here deeply calmed after a long refreshing bath. I just poured water over myself for a long while, I didn’t even use bath powder today. But it is simply so refreshing and stress relieving. And interestingly I feel very energetic and awake without feeling rushed.

My two and half year old loves to splash in a tub of water daily in the morning but also ask for it now and then when he feels hot or in need of relaxation. He naturally loves water so much that even a glass of water within his reach is quickly emptied on the floor and used in place of a pool or tub.

Some friends and cousins post pics of themselves in various natural ponds, rivers and water falls. I envy them like I’m possessed by the Onida Devil!

One of my friends Partha bathing in a waterfall at Thirukurungudi, Tamilnadu. 

Water is therapeutic without having to go into the metaphysical realm. The very sound of it is calming to many of us – like the sound of the ocean waves, water falls, gushing rivers, streams, rivulets, and rains. Of course when it is the sound of a dripping tap, that’s a different matter altogether. Let’s not go into it.

It’s true that water in its natural setting is, perhaps, more therapeutic. But, water in a bucket is still water too.

I don’t want to go into the physical sciences of water because I don’t know anything about it and also that’s not what this is about . I’m talking of effect of water on our psyches, on our minds. How it makes us feel. How it can swing our moods around!

There are many practices to calm the mind. Some demand you allot some time and importance to them, some try to become entwined into your daily routine. And then there are cultural practices like bathing that can, rather than being a background to our rushed routines, can become spaces of calm and quiet joys that can heal us too.

Cold water baths can be invigorating and make you feel refreshingly energetic. Hot water baths can be relaxing and stress relieving.

day of the jackal
I know of a hired assassin who takes both hot and cold water baths in quick succession.

A few times in the past I’ve suggested my clients to take long baths as a part of their healing journey. I’ve myself used, now and then, bathing as a healing process and it helped me enormously. People who are passing through a worried or stressed-out period in their lives can find it extremely relieving. Also people who are working to get out of a lethargic routine can also use bathing as a space to invigorate themselves.

We humans have a deep connection with water that dates back to prehistoric times. If some evolutionary theories proposed are to be true – our connection goes back even before the time when the first beings evolved out of the waters.

Even, historically there’s a lot of importance laid upon bathing. Like many civilizations have built and probably even encouraged public baths, segregated by gender. Some countries like Japan and China (I may be wrong here) still have public baths but then that culture has largely faded now, I believe. Even right where I live, in Hyderabad, I’ve seen public baths in some of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty period architecture. There’s even Mortuary Baths at the Qutub Shahi Tombs where the dead are ritually bathed before they’re laid to rest.

Ceremonial bathing is done in Hindu funerals, as far as I’ve seen at some funerals. Ceremonial bathing is a very common practice. Though I don’t know if that’s a farewell bath or a preparatory bath for an onward journey – perhaps a bit of both.

Ayurveda also, if I’m not wrong, prescribes therapeutic baths but those are with specially prepared herbs and other procedures aimed at healing the ailment of the person.

So you can use bath as a stress relieving tool in your life. Try it and see if it works out for you.

What are the folds of your personality?


What are the folds of your personality?

How do you fold? How many folds do you carry? They are a strange set of questions, but put in right perspective, they can send one off on an exciting healing quest. And the answers to these questions can be both revelatory as well as shocking.

So here’s the perspective:

Imagine you were born into this world a clean sheet of paper. Every defining moment in your life causes you to crease and fold into various directions. You soon fold into a beautiful piece of origami! It’s not the final fold, but the origami piece that you are now is more or less stable.

Folds are spaces of held belief, faith and rigidity that swings you from one perspective to another viewpoint.

Now even if this origami piece is unfolded deliberately, the paper doesn’t automatically become plain and flat. There are still creases – or memories – of all past folds and also a tendency to fold into the same old form again.

So these folds are spaces of held belief, faith and rigidity that swings you from one perspective to another viewpoint. Anything defining in your life can be a fold. For instance, you are an infant in the arms of your mother. You see a spider and reach out to explore but at the same time your mom sees the spider and screams in fear. You start bawling; somebody comes and kills the spider. You may have folded in the direction of your mother that day, that is, picked up an irrational fear of spiders.

Another example could be you were harassed badly in your school and in response to that trauma your mind creates a defense to protect you – the defense could be anything like avoidance behavior, increased shyness, an aggressive stance, or any other form of protection. You have folded in yet another direction.

Another twist in the story is that some folds can be habitual behavior without any strong belief behind it save that of the need to express it in order the preserve the personality, or your ego in this context. A good example for this is an emotional habit like anger, grief, feelings of depression, etc. Many people are challenged by any of these emotional habits. My challenge is my anger folding – I have a need to become righteously angry every time I want to assert myself. Yours could a continuous mild depression or violent rage or demanding sexual desires or anything else.

Eventually, by the time you grow up, you arrive at a relatively stable personality that tries to preserve its folds and avoid future folding. The reason why the mind wants to preserve its folds is because you are defined by those folds – without them you don’t have a personality; you are not you! Yet at the same time, some of these folds could be the very reason why you sometimes feel conflicted, miserable or frustrated in life.

The mind wants to preserve its folds is because you are defined by those folds – without them you are not you!

How do you fold?

Let’s go back to the initial questions now – How do you fold? How many folds do you carry?

The easiest way to find is to look for compulsive emotional patterns in your life because that’s where you can catch yourself ‘folding’. Let me give you an example.

I’ve mentioned before that anger is one of the challenges that I face. Another challenge is the inability to ignore what others speak of me. Now you can imagine the folds these two challenges in combination may have created in the past for me.

So every time I hear any gossip about me I quickly ‘fold’ into anger. It’s an automated fold – one minute I am merrily minding my work and the next – the moment I hear about the gossip – my mind takes this 90º turn into a hurt and angry perspective. And then all the intricate folds of anger began to happen – like I grind my teeth, get into short agitated bursts of fury, strong impulses to break things and so on – it’s almost like dominoes falling. Of course, with every effort to heal this anger, I have learned to manage the impulses but the ‘creases’ for it are still there on the sheet of my mind.

A few weeks ago I was able to catch myself in this folding. I was detached enough to see my angry thoughts race through my mind sending off impulses to act violently outside. The trick is to be able to do this. Of course it takes some practice for it is not easy to be detached when you are folding. You are the personality and the personality wants to fold. The method I used was to regularly practice watching myself when I am in a ‘normal’ frame of mind. This watching is from within, not from some external viewpoint. That soon gave me an ability, in some areas of folding at least, to watch myself folding without entirely getting lost in the folding.

Of course, you need to remember that if you catch yourself folding, it means there’s still a part of you folding into that emotional turn while another part of your is able to observe it happening. Your personality is still folding, but that’s how you answer the question “How do you fold?”

Can you unfold?

To answer the second question “How many folds do you carry?”, you need to catch yourself every time you fold. You don’t stop it, you just consciously witness it. And this is not so easy too, for many of your folds are also the moral and ethnic frameworks of the immediate society you live in. So you may not recognize the folding happening in those areas or even if you do, you may choose to keep them.

Some folds are a set of a series – that is, you they fold one after another in quick succession – they are so compressed that you may assume in the beginning for all of it to be one single fold. But with time and little effort of learning to watch yourself from within, the folds can be observed – sometimes almost like a flower blooming and you become a bit more calmer and peaceful no matter what is unfolding currently in your life.

An interesting observation I’ve made in my life is that life seems constantly provide opportunities for us to heal through our folds. Healing may not always mean unfolding. Healing is also being able to fold into beautiful pieces of origami that we are without necessarily suffering for it!

How my son learned to speak!


Last year I’d visited a friend of mine whose children are unschooled. Since I and my wife were also considering homeschooling our son, my conversation with him naturally gravitated towards the whole concept of learning without school. My friend narrated a story of a psychologist who had recorded all the sounds his kid had uttered, from infancy to the time the kid was making conversations. And it seems the psychologist had discovered that every sound the kid had uttered during infancy was geared toward eventual verbal communication. I nodded. I didn’t really understand what it meant, I just had a vague intellectual understanding of it.

My kid was just about an year old then and was already uttering incoherent sounds. One day he learnt to produce a specific sound that sounded like ‘yenthi‘. I understood it was meant to be ‘Enti‘ which is Telugu for ‘What?’. There was also a gesture he would make with his hand whenever he would utter yenthi. It looked like a gesture of enquiry with his hand at his chest, pointing away from him, the palm facing upwards, the fingers slightly curled and later he added the gesture of moving the hand up and down or, sometimes, sideways. I noticed that he used the word whenever he wanted to know what something was.

Gradually I also noticed that he used the same word and gesture to ask the whereabouts of people. Like he would say, “Ama yenthi” with the accompanying hand gesture which meant ‘Where is mother?’. So he was using the same sound for two different purposes. Finally I realized that he was also using yenthi and the hand gesture as a way of asking any question or to make any enquiry. So yenthi was his ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘how’, and also the demand for an explanation. He never used it for ‘when’ because he still probably wasn’t familiar with the concept of time by then.

So yenthi was his mode of enquiry. When he wanted answers from us, he used yenthi and the hand gesture. Sometimes he also used it as a conversation starter, which I found in a lot of other children of varying ages – especially as a means of expressing interest or desire in a toy or food or other curiosity, they would come and ask me, “What is this, uncle?” even though they know what is it that they were pointing at.

But an even more astonishing discovery for me came a few weeks later. I’m used to listening to music everyday and even though our son listens to the music that I hear, we used to play songs particularly for him too. Some of them were the standard rhymes and children’s songs in English or Telugu. One day I found him singing a familiar tune. I was a bit away from him, lying on the floor half asleep. In that alpha – or theta – state of mind, I was stunned to hear him clearly sing the lyrics of the song. I became wide awake and crawled up to him. I immediately noticed that he wasn’t singing the exact words but was reproducing sounds closest to the lyrics as much as he could. It was a double revelation for me. First, in my deeply relaxed state of mind, I was hearing perfect lyrics coming from his mouth. Second, he was actually singing the sounds closest to what he has heard.

When I heard first my son sing I was in a deeply relaxed state of mind (scientifically an alpha or a theta state of mind). And that helped me recognize the broader patterns in my son’s singing and recognize them as lyrics of the song. If I was in any different state of mind, I probably would have thought of the sounds as gibberish. The mind then ‘filled in’ the details of the lyrics in my head – provided the missing pieces of the sounds. So when I became wide awake I was able to recognize the patterns still even though they were incoherent utterances on the outside. My son was singing the most primitive version of the sounds. And in his mind, they probably were perfect lyrics, at least for a while. Also his listening worked in a way how peripheral vision works. Quietly observing and filing away without being too conscious about it.

Think of it as a heavily unfocused version of a photograph. You can barely make out what the subject of the photograph is but it is still the photograph of that subject. I started understanding how my son was learning stuff and became keenly interested in it.

Slowly I noticed that he was using simple words to convey full sentences, just like his yenthi earlier. At this point I was tempted to ‘correct’ his speech and teach him more vocabulary. I even did that a few times as any concerned/excited parent would. I found it to be a frustrating exercise both for him and me and I quickly dropped it. In fact, he picked up more vocabulary whenever he was not directly participating in a conversation or when we were not trying to teach him language deliberately. He also learnt in cycles but more about that in a later post.

The need to communicate and participate in ‘adult conversations’ was driving him, I think, to learn more and speak more. I understood that his approach to learning pretty much anything worked like the blurred out photograph example. He was learning the most visible or the most impacting pattern or form (like an outline or silhouette to put it crudely) of anything and eventually filling out the details in the weeks or months following that.

The incoherent communication the child was making was language in its rawest form and each sound represented a whole concept or narrative!

For instance, if we explained something at length to him, and if he would listen fully, he would keep quiet for a while and then summarize my whole communication into a single word (or two at the most) and say it back to us as if in confirmation. And then he’d use that word to mean the whole concept that we had explained earlier. Much later he’d pick up more words and meanings to expand upon the subject. Or for instance, he became a big fan of batman and quickly learnt the color combination of the superhero and also the outline of the batman logo and he would then recognize it anywhere.

I immediately resonated with this pattern of learning of his. Because it was very familiar to me. Back in school, I had noticed that while many students learned stuff faster than me through rote memorization or whatever methods they were employing to gain marks, I had a different pattern of learning. When I first learnt of a new concept, I’d only grasp the rawest outline of it. Then I’d have to break away from learning anymore otherwise the concept would become too overwhelming to me. And when I visit that concept again after a few weeks, the earlier familiarity with it would make it easy to now grasp further details and eventually with similar revisits I’d fully absorb the material. But unfortunately, schools are unforgiving when it comes to time, and I misinterpreted my learning approach as a defect in myself.

So I could now understand how my son was naturally learning. Slowly I recognized that nearly all the barely-coherent communication he was making was language in its rawest sound form and that each sound did not represent a single word but a larger narrative. He was trying to tell stories in simple syllables!

Neither are the communication components readily recognizable nor is the narrative alterable. ‘B’ has to come after ‘A’ and there’s no lenience allowed.

And this natural learning of his is the exact opposite to how most schools approach teaching. While my son was grasping narratives as outlines and was verbally telling stories with simple words, many schools come in the opposite direction. They break down all communication into language and language into its smallest components and then ask the children to grasp an entirely abstract alphabet first. And even here, the child is not given the time to play with the shapes or sounds of the alphabet. They are almost immediately ‘corrected’ into the standard systems. Every upturned ‘A’ shape is turned around. Every ‘thee’ sound is corrected to ‘t’. So out goes communication and in comes an abstract and meaningless language.

Even if the components presented by the teacher were recognizable to the child as a part of a whole, the child could be engaged in building its own narratives. But neither are the components readily recognizable nor are the narratives alterable. ‘B’ has to come after ‘A’ and there’s no lenience allowed. The alphabet has an unalterable order to it making it absolutely meaningless to the learner, sometimes for many years after leaving school. How many of us adults silently muttered “L, M, N, O, P” in our heads to find if P came before or after L in a dictionary! Fortunately, dictionary apps saved us that internal shame!

In the meanwhile, left to his own devices my son’s speech became more coherent and the vocabulary increased. He was probably frustrated by the fact that we bewildered adults couldn’t always grasp the finer details of his narrative that his single sound communication was attempting to establish! His natural listening and observation came to his rescue there. Like a photographer adjusting the focus ring of his lens so the now-familiar outlines of the subject turned into a slightly more detailed picture, he grasped a few more finer details of the world, the sounds that represented them, and started forming rough-hewn sentences.

The greatest takeaway for me was the uneasy realization that I carry this deeply ingrained instinct to school him. To tell him what is wrong and right, to correct him until he ‘learns it right’, to stop his curiosity to prevent ‘accidents’, to ‘sanitize’ his environment, to teach him manners (sit straight, eat with your right hand, say ‘namaste’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’), to shout at him or to assume his mischievous intent without reason. And the way sometimes it leaks out. I find the need to be self-aware more than ever!

Chakra Healing with Reiki – 7 Day Live Online Event – Cancelled


Event Cancelled

Please note that this event has been cancelled and we will shortly announce fresh dates for the next live healing broadcast.

In the meanwhile you can also listen to our Chakra Healing Guided Meditation on the channel or listen directly here:

chakra healing live 7 day event

Watch out for our 7 Day live Reiki healing online for Chakra Healing on our Purple Room Healing youtube channel. Receive Reiki healing energies to heal and cleanse your chakras wherever you are by attending our Live Reiki broadcasts for seven days.

This is a live event that begins 27 August at 10 pm IST (check your local time here). Anybody who wishes to receive healing for their chakras can attend the event online.

Do attend our live session and do share with others. This event is FREE for all.

Event Dates:

The 7 Day Chakra Healing dates are

Day 1: 27 August, 2018 at 10pm IST  (check your local time here)
Day 2: 28 August, 2018 at 10pm IST
Day 3: 29 August, 2018 at 10pm IST
Day 4: 30 August, 2018 at 10pm IST
Day 5: 31 August, 2018 at 10pm IST
Day 6: 01 Septemeber, 2018 at 10pm IST
Day 7: 02 Septemeber, 2018 at 10pm IST

The event starts at 10 pm IST all the 7 days.

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Workshop in Hyderabad – 25, 26 August 2018

Reiki Healing Workshop
Power of Healing in Your Hands!

We are happy to announce our next Reiki workshop in Hyderabad. This is a beginner workshop of Reiki 1st Degree and Reiki 2nd Degree. It is obligatory for participants to attend both the workshops since we follow a William Lee Rand lineage of teaching.

The workshop is at our home in Sidhartha Nagar, Near Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Please see the details below:



Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Workshop

Dates: 25, 26 August 2018 – Sat & Sun

Venue: Purple Room Healing, Sidhartha Nagar, Hyderabad (near Ameerpet/Yousufguda)

Eligibility: For beginners with motivation to learn and practice an energy healing technique.

Participant Limit: maximum 10 participants (so please register early)

Cost: Rs. 6150/- (inclusive of lunch, material cost and certificates for both the days)

Last Date for Registration: 19 August, 2018. Call 9394301400 for registration.

About Reiki:

About Reiki Master: Kiran is a Reiki practitioner and a Hypnotherapist with 9 years of experience in Reiki and other therapeutic modalities. He became a Reiki Master in 2011 and has been conducting workshops (in William Lee Rand lineage) since then.

Note: If you have to cancel your participation, please do so at least a week in advance because all our workshops are limited to small number of participants and your early cancellation could help us offer that space to other interested persons. Last minute cancellations deprive us of that opportunity.

Chakra Healing – Guided Meditation || Tree Guide Method

We’ve published our first guided meditation video for Deep Chakra Healing through the Tree Guide Method. This guided meditation is a powerful chakra healing meditation session that cleanses and heals your chakras and the energy body. In the process, you are also connected to an ancient keeper of the earth through this meditation who can awaken your natural wisdom and connection to the earth and the cosmos. For best results, I’d advise you to repeat this meditation session once a day for at least seven days.

This healing session consists of guided deep chakra cleansing and healing followed by the energy body healing and shielding.

The location of the chakras within the body may be slightly different for each person. Let your intuition guide you there. For further assistance, read the rough guide for the location of chakras below:


  • Root Chakra or Mooladhara: Near the base of the spine. Usually between the genitals and the anus.
  • Sacral Chakra or the Swadhisthana: Some find it near their reproductive organs while some find it closer to the navel.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipuraka: Most find this chakra near the navel but some locate it in the hollow just below the chest in the middle, where the rib cage parts.
  • Heart Chakra or Anahatha: In the middle of the chest.
  • Throat Chakra or Vishudhi: In the throat region. Some find it at their adam’s apple, while some see it in the hollow of the throat.
  • Third Eye or Agna: Between the eyebrows. Some find it vibrating in the middle of the forehead.
  • Crown Chakra or Sahasraram: On the top of the head. Some locate it at the place their hair spirals out from.

Before you begin this guided meditation make sure you are in a quiet spot and you will not be disturbed during the entire session. Make sure your mobile is switched off, unless of course you are listening to this on your mobile. In such case, you can download this video for offline viewing and then put your mobile in the airplane mode so you are absolutely not disturbed during the healing session. This session is best done sitting on the floor or a mat. Find a comfortable posture. You can lean against a wall or a piece of furniture, that is OK. Use headphones for best results.

The wonderful people and the awesome websites that provided free music, sounds, images and graphics:
Music: Royalty Free Music from Bensound
Additional sound effects from Zapsplat
Nature Pics and Graphics: Pixabay
Pixabay contributors:

Eclipses – The Spiritual Significance by Anoo

This is a guest post by a dear friend and an intuitive healer Anoo at Breakthrough Holistic Therapy Center. Anoo is a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer with additional specializations in NLP, EFT, Shadow Work, Matrix Reimprinting, Gestalt Therapy and Chakra Healing. You can get in touch with her at

After listening to her perspective on eclipses and learning how to effectively shield myself from any ill-effects of eclipses, I requested her to put her learning and advice in writing so everybody else could benefit from it. Her article is below:

blood moon

Everyone waited with bated breath after they collectively prayed. Will He agree to destroy the three invincible and constantly mobile cities?

The demons Kamalaksha, Vidyunmali, and Tarakaksha, sons of the asura (demon) king Tarakasura, had created these architectural wonders, these three cities made of gold, silver, and copper, which would constantly keep flying throughout the universe. Proud of their architectural feat and their invincibility, together they terrorized and wreaked havoc across the different worlds in the universe.

Defeated, the Gods approached Shiva, the Destroyer, and Regenerator, “Please save us Lord!” they pleaded. “The demons have made the three cities called Tripura totally impregnable. And the only way to destroy the cities along with demons is by shooting a single arrow when for a brief moment in time the three cities align in a straight line.  Also, the arrow is to be shot by the one who is the most powerful in the universe and yet who has no desire to harm enemies, and out of a sense of duty decides to destroy the three cities and kill the demons. The chariot on which he mounts should be of a kind never seen before in the universe. And the bow should be so unique that such a kind does not exist in the world right now. You are the only One Oh Lord who can save all the worlds from them!”


Much to their relief, Shiva agreed. Shiva made the earth His chariot with the sun and moon as its wheels. Mount Mandara became the bow with Adi Sesha, the serpent of time as its bowstring. Vishnu Himself became the arrow. Together they followed the three cities throughout the universe waiting for that moment in a thousand years when all the three cities of Tripura would line up in a single file.

Line up, they did. In a flash, Shiva let loose His powerful arrow and Tripura was reduced to ashes.

Smearing the ashes of the burnt cities on His body Shiva then danced in ecstasy.

The three cities represent the individual world, the social world and the entire world as is.

When the conditions are conducive all it takes is the unleashing of a single arrow of consciousness (Shiva the essence of every soul) to:

  1. destroy an individual’s personal world, the beliefs about what makes up his/her identity.
  2. destroy his/her societal world or all the beliefs about how to fit into and follow the society and its dictates.
  3. destroy the entire world as perceived by the individual.

This is what an eclipse points towards within you.

Destruction, transformation, and regeneration.

Eclipses are spiritually known to be the harbingers of change.
They are pointers nudging you to look within and acknowledge parts of you that are eclipsed deep down in your own unconscious mind, waiting to be released into the light of your awareness.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon are aligned in a straight line exactly on the opposite sides of the earth, and the moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. Lunar eclipses occur during full moon.

A solar eclipse on the other hand occurs at the opposite phase of the moon – new moon. It occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth and it fully or partially blocks the sunlight. In either case the source of light gets eclipsed.

Time and again what is noticeable is how people actually notice changes happening during eclipses, full moons, or new moons. Call it a psychological effect of natural cycles, yet these cycles seem to remind one of the inevitability of the end of things and new beginnings. It is as if an eclipse only highlights the new waves of awareness and the death of old modes of thinking in the collective psyche of people.

During an eclipse, or in other words when the source of light is cut off for sometime all that lies in the shadows within a person’s unconscious mind, things that a person would not like to accept about himself/herself or about a given situation, or things that a person has developed a blind spot towards, steps to the fore to be seen, understood, acknowledged, and let go of.

It is said that spiritually in lunar cycles, every full moon offers us a chance to purge out what is not working in our lives, maybe old stagnant patterns of thinking and functioning which act as barriers to success and abundance, dysfunctional relationships, dissatisfactory modes of earning a living, in other words, whatever is no longer serving our highest good.

When there is an eclipse in the offing, however, we are not given a chance, or to be more apt, a choice. It forces the purging and cleanses and detoxifies.

Without a warning, unexpected changes may occur hastening in transitions into life, that could make you feel a little disoriented.

This is a period of facing your inner demons consciously.

And Shiva is the ultimate consciousness driving the destruction of your identity, the mask that you wear to hide what you think is your imperfect self, uncaging you from all social constructs and demands, tearing to pieces what you consider and perceive to be the world and freeing you to emerge as the source of light and darkness that you truly are.

An eclipse sets the giant wheels of the universe in motion for you to see the truth in any situation, no matter however unpleasant or distressing and finally realize that this too shall pass.

For what is true today may not be your truth tomorrow, as truth too constantly changes form.


There is, however, one constant absolute truth on this earth and that is change.

Sometimes the changes or transitions are joyous, though you might feel a tad uncertain about the future, at other times the transition transforms and rearranges your entire perception of reality. The result is always positive in the long run, even though it may not be apparent in the now, much like when you drive you will be able to see only about 140 metres ahead but not see the entire road leading to the destination.

Also it has been observed the aggravation of symptoms of dormant or even active health conditions occurs during eclipses bringing to the fore the psychosomatic causes of all illnesses, which are almost always disregarded by us. It maybe due to the age-old collective psychological conditioning of people, deeply rooted in spiritual beliefs and archetypes and the natural cycles. The aggravation of symptoms, be they emotional or physical, simply serve as pointers to look within and consciously resolve what lies unresolved, deep in the unconscious.

Ancient traditions world over suggest a few preparatory practices, to keep troubling symptoms at bay and to make the most of the immensely transformative, collective psychological energies, of a full moon lunar eclipse.

These practices help to harness the transformative psychological energies and facilitate a ‘soft landing’ during the transition as opposed to a ‘hard landing’ that a tornado can cause (which somehow reminds me of Dorothy and Toto of Wizard of Oz totally unprepared and caught up in a cyclone, later experiencing a hard landing in the country of the Munchkins.) when we are totally unprepared.

After all, spirituality as much as science is a process that requires active participation from your end.

It always takes two to tango!

  • Fast or Eat your Last Meal Two Hours Prior to the Eclipse: During eclipses solar as well as lunar, fasting is advised by different spiritual preceptors across many traditions in the world.
    A study performed in 2011 showed that enhanced radiation of ultraviolet and other rays occur during an eclipse. This may also make the atmosphere conducive for some bacteria to thrive. If fasting is not possible at least make sure you eat your food two hours before the eclipse starts. The food needs to be digested before the eclipse begins. Leftover cooked foods from the eclipse should be disposed off.
  • Protect your boundaries: According to many traditions eclipses can also increase the emotional sensitivity to foreign energies, which can include simply being more sensitive towards that nasty bullying co-worker, or a gossiping neighbor, or even getting a sense of near and dear ones who have passed away which has a deeply psychological side to it.
    An easy thumb-rule to follow is to stay away from anyone who pushes your buttons, starting from at least three days preceding a full moon lunar eclipse and continuing to stay away till three days after the eclipse. But yes, that is not possible in most cases unless you are a complete homebody. Then too nasty relatives could be the trigger points!
    So you can follow this simple visualization exercise which is highly effective for protecting your personal boundaries. Whenever you are anywhere near people who trigger your emotions negatively, simply imagine a golden circle around you and another circle around them.
    Mentally say to yourself, “you shall not be able to cross my personal boundary and I shall not cross yours.”
    You can also do the spiritual exercise of cord cutting with people who disturb you at this time as a full moon lunar eclipse in any way is also about letting go of what you don’t need in your life.
    But before you cut the cords, make sure you understand why you have such people around you in the first place. For as the saying goes, teachers will continue to appear untill you have learnt your lesson!
    There is something you have not learnt about yourself and therefore you have that nasty co-worker bullying you, or that spouse abusing you, or you even repeatedly get stuck in traffic jams! When you see what actually lies behind your blind spot, or what lurks deep in the shadows within you, and acknowledge it all with compassion, forgive yourself and anyone else concerned, and let go, age-old dysfunctional patterns (maybe even inherited from your parents) fall away and get reduced to dust.

(Remember, the story of Tripura crumbling to dust narrated above?)

    To deal with other subtler forms of energies, more precisely, non-physical, i.e. spirits and entities you believe you can sense, you can perform a house cleanse by smudging the entire house and placing some crystal salt in areas where you sense the presence is strong.
    You can create a circle with the salt in the area or put some salt in a bowl and place it in the area.  This sends strong signals to your unconscious mind that you are taking steps to take care of yourself. That itself will provide a boost to your inner strength.
    Also, make sure you take saltwater baths and then perform a shielding exercise to protect your aura or your personal boundary. To do the shielding exercise simply close your eyes and visualize a bright white light cocooning you from head to toe. Repeat to yourself, “I am surrounded by a cocoon of light which allows only positive energies inside and reflects all the negative energies back to the source and transmutes them.”
  • Meditate: Eclipses are times when you suddenly see the truth in situations whether you like it or not. Make use of that energy by meditating consciously and letting whatever arises to come up. Meditating is not focusing or concentrating hard. It is about creating a safe space for yourself so that all the suppressed feelings and emotions can finally come up and be released once and for all. Do some guided meditation much before the scheduled eclipse date. This will keep your emotions and energies in balance. Most importantly this will still your mind and bring you to that peaceful silent space. And “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” – Mother Teresa
  • Pray: This is a perfect time to attune yourself to higher vibrations. Prayer is what will give birth to the possibilities for the real invincible you to emerge. You may be called to give up something to enter a new phase in your life. That is the process of unpeeling and emptying out. Yes, it may seem frightening. For, nothing scares a human being more than the uncertainty of an unknown zone. But that is the beauty of it. Uncertainty is the space where miracles occur. Do not be hijacked by your fears for then you will be only shadow boxing. The eclipse needs to end and your soul in all its power needs to shine through.
    Prayers can be the vehicle inciting surrender and putting you in touch with the Higher Power. It can be in any form. It can be a plain conversation with God, or any chants that you like that resonate with your being.

You never know which chant can awaken the God within you.

Eclipses in general show you the value of darkness, for, it is in the darkness of a womb that a new life is born, for under the ground in the dark a seed has to split and die for a sapling to be born, a caterpillar has to die in the darkness of the cocoon to emerge as a butterfly.

Eclipses thus stand for metamorphosis, heralding in your freedom.

Anoo is a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer with additional specializations in NLP, EFT, Shadow Work, Matrix Reimprinting, Gestalt Therapy and Chakra Healing. You can get in touch with her at

Reiki Workshop in Chennai – Aug 11 & 12

healing hands

We are doing a Reiki workshop in Chennai this August 11 and 12. The venue will be in Kottivakkam. Those who are interested in learning this energy healing system can register with us before 30 July.

This workshop is Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 and is for beginners. Healers who have been to our previous Reiki workshops can attend or volunteer for this workshop free of charges.

Since we are of William Lee Rand lineage, it is mandatory to participate in both Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II. Check out other details below and for a brief into on what is Reiki, please scroll down.

Course: Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2

Dates: August 11 and 12, 2018

Place: Ashwattha, Kottivakkam, Chennai

Seats: Maximum 10 participants only

Course Language: English. Tamil speakers can be accommodated but course material will be given only in English.

Eligibility: No previous knowledge of Reiki or healing systems is necessary. Those who are self-motivated to practise can participate.

Cost: Rs. 6150/- (includes course fees for both Level 1 & Level 2, course material and certificate costs.)

Registrations: Last date for registrations is July 30. Call 09394301400.

Reiki Workshop - Ashwattha, Chennai Final

Reiki Level 1 teaches you about the basics of Reiki healing system, how to scan a person’s chakras and body, how to diagnose yourself or another person, how to give a full-body Reiki to yourself or to willing others. Level 1 is a complete course in itself to start healing yourself or any others who are willing to come to your for healing.

Reiki Level 2 gives you the ability to perform distance healing – the person you are healing need not be present with you physically, the ability to heal pets, places and plants, teaches you how to send Reiki to events. You also learn to work with energy attachments and how to release them and how to shield yourself and strengthen your aura on an every day basis. You learn to cleanse your place or room and raise the positive vibrations/energy of your house/room. Technique to use incense sticks and other incense methods to cleanse your place on a daily basis.

Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 are complete courses by themselves and are more than enough for a healer to heal themselves, their family and friends. To keep their premises cleansed and protected. All that is required of the aspirant is everyday practice.

Reiki certificates are handed out only after completion of 21 day self-healing routine after the completion of the workshop.

Reiki can be used for general well-being as well as for various issues including emotional problems, inner child problems, relationship issues, to remove karmic blocks, spirit release work, chakra healing, healing thought forms, fears and psychosomatic diseases, mental problems, past life karmas, remove black magic and other forms of energy attacks, and for many other problems.

Visit our Purple Room Healing channel on youtube for live healing sessions, guided meditations, and many more healing aids.

For more about Reiki and Reiki faqs

Reiki Healing – Live Distance Healing on Youtube

Distance Healing

Distance Healing and Spirit Release

21 Day Free Reiki Distance Healing Live Stream

Purple Room Healing YouTube Channel

We are starting a 21 Day live stream Reiki Distance Healing sessions on YouTube from tomorrow – 22 June 2018. These sessions typically last from 10-15 minutes and we send Reiki healing energies to all those who are watching the live stream. These sessions can be very soothing and be used to receive healing for any ailment.

Please make use of them by attending the live stream every day at 9:30 PM (IST) on our new Purple Room Healing YouTube Channel. Do subscribe to the channel so you could come back daily to receive healing.

These Live Reiki Distance Healing Sessions are free for all.

Free your natural self-healing state: Sleep!

Sleep is a powerful restorative space with capacity to render such deep healing that, if allowed to do its job fully, we may never need the help of a therapist or counselors in our life. Here’s how you can let yourself heal during your sleep.

Where do we go when we sleep?

Sleep is a mystery in many ways. Where do we go when we are asleep? We are present physically but where does the rest of me go? How are dreams connected to the physical reality we live in? And why do I sometimes have dreams without me in it? Perhaps it is difficult to answer these questions. There may be many more mysteries about sleep that we may never satisfying solve. But we do know one thing about sleep for certain.

Sleep is a powerful restorative space with capacity to render such deep healing that, if allowed to do its job fully, we may never need the help of a therapist or counselors in our life.

Of course the problem is that we don’t let ourselves sleep well. We always go into conditional sleeping rather than restorative, natural sleep. A conditional sleep is a sleep with restrictions placed upon what it can do and what it cannot to us when we are asleep. Though, fortunately, we cannot entirely control what happens in our sleep we all still exercise certain influence over our restful states.

Sleep without restrictions!

While some conditions are good, some are restrictive and stops the state from doing its job to the fullest. For instance in early childhood, we all unconsciously train ourselves to gain control over our bladders and bowels in sleep. This is good. On the other hand, after a series of nights haunted by nightmares, we unconsciously stress upon the need to filter out our dreams. For some it is unsuccessful and they have no control over their dreams and nightmares, while for others it works and they mostly have nightmare-free nights except during moments of crises in their waking lives. They may at best experience occasional dreams that are dreadful without reason or simply vaguely fearful and bothersome. In case of few others it may work too well that they never really remember a single dream as soon as they wake, some do not even know if they did dream at all. So with the help of our fears and our need to feel good mostly, we restrict or unconsciously monitor various functions of our sleep.

While there are many functions that sleep renders I’m going to focus only on its capacity to heal our daily stresses and even address our deeper psychological and emotional issues we carry within. Healing is an important function that our bodies and spirits need for our well-being. Yet it is also, perhaps, the most neglected. Our restful states have a natural capacity to clear out our stresses and repair our beings on a daily (nightly) basis but because of conditional sleeping those abilities are vastly underutilized. Of course, we can bring back our self-healing ability by exercises certain mental decisions firmly every night just before we fall asleep.

Stop Censoring Your Dreams

Our first job is to lift the conditions we’ve placed upon our dreams. None of us really know what dreams are exactly but we’ve all experienced moments of epiphany and self-realization, surfacing of hidden fears and desires, inspirational ideas and brilliant solutions through our dreams. There have been prophetic dreams and ominous warning dreams as well. Over time, we’ve learnt to censor which dreams should be remembered and which should be conveniently forgotten. We need to lift the dream monitor and trust our unconscious to protect and heal us. The simplest way to do this is to make a resolve to let all dreams that our subconscious/unconscious mind brings up in our sleep happen. Every night when you hit the bed, simply ask yourself if you are willing to see all that your subconscious and the unconscious part of being brings up in dreams. If you can give a resolute yes to that question, you’ve successfully lifted that restriction for that night. Do this every night and gradually you would have completely lifted the restrictions on your dreams. Don’t do this fearfully, don’t do this boldly. Do it open-mindedly.

Dreamcatchers are not meant to censor dreams, but to protect a dreamer while they heal! Protective Charms over Sleeping Babies!

Of course this does mean that you experience a wide variety of dreams like you use to have in your childhood but it also means that you can successfully move into states of sleep where dreams show you deeper aspects of yourself honestly.

Please note that those who experience energy drains accompanied by psychic messages in dreams need to shield their auras well before you lift the restrictions on dreaming. Learn a few good energy shielding methods and use them well.

Sleep When You Sleep

We do everything else when we go to bed except sleep. We worry, stress, hate ourselves, curse, cry, talk, bother our partners, have sex or shag, read books, browse the web, chat online, listen to music – in short engage in all sorts of mind chatter and sensory stimulation when we lie down to sleep. Stop. Disengage. Bedtime is not for that even though we’ve been doing it for ages and seems the most appropriate time to confess our fears and sins to ourselves and those beside us. The mind needs to be calmed when you go to sleep. Carrying our fears and plans into the sleep will only disrupt our sleep cycle and its healing capacities. There might be days or times when you simply cannot calm your head in the night. That must be an exception not the rule.

Sleep when you sleep!


Of course, do not put effort to sleep either. People have driven themselves into insomnia trying hard to sleep. Sleep happens. All I ask of you is to disengage from mental activities. Put the books, mobiles and laptops aside. Leave your glasses on the bedside. Whenever you find yourself mulling over the day’s activities or over your shortcomings disengage once more without anger or irritation. Perhaps spend time watching your body relaxing. Feel the weight of it. Maybe watch your breath.

Simply have the intention to sleep. Disengage with the rest of the world. Remember sleep is another world altogether. It is a different consciousness perhaps. So disengage from this world. Sleep will happen; you don’t wait for it either. Just be. That’ll do the job. You’ll sleep when you sleep.

But be very firm. Years of habit of worrying and deliberating while lying down will insist that this one thought or problem is really important enough that you lose sleep over it. Disengage. Let sleep heal your mind and body first. And you’ll be surprised at the amount and depth of healing that happens when you let it.


When you sleep the restorative sleep, you’ll really begin to understand the depths of its capacity to heal and restore us both physically and spiritually. There are states of sleep that are profound for deep inner work, and to release our traumatic selves. It also makes our minds sharper and more alert.

Sometimes you may experience exhaustive days, but that’s just because your inner self is healing out a deeper damage within and needs some more rest. Just use some rejuvenating herbal teas and drink good amounts of water such days.

Sleep is a mystery. And every time we sleep well, we probe that mysterious state a bit deeper. And you’ll be surprised at what hidden gems you can uncover over time both within sleep and within yourself.

Reiki can develop your intuition

Every human is an intuitive being. The world of intuition opens up a whole new world and for those who’ve seen it, there’s no unseeing. Reiki can open up a whole new way of ‘seeing’ the world!

Reiki can open up a whole new way of ‘seeing’ the world!

Every human is an intuitive being. Children are more attuned to it than adults because in the process of growing up and being schooled into an exclusive rational thought process, we eventually listen less and less to our intuition and finally lose touch with it. But our intuition is never really gone, and we can re-learn to listen to it and even develop it if we choose to. All it needs is a regular practice of listening to ourselves. There are many methods to revive our intuitive capabilities and I’m writing about Reiki practice and how it can sensitize us to our inner voice once more.

I’ve been practicing Reiki for over five years now. Over the years, I’ve seen my own intuitive abilities spiral and bloom and still continue to grow. Though there are other practises that I do too, my Reiki practice has significantly contributed to increasing my intuition levels. I have seen myself change from a non-believing skeptic of intuition to someone who relies on it on an everyday basis with my Reiki practice. The reason being consistent practice. Of course, I cannot boast of uninterrupted practice of Reiki meditation for months or years. Like all beginners, there were days or weeks altogether where I did not practice any meditations or take up Reiki healing sessions. Like any beginner, I could not ‘feel’ anything upon my palms or energy pass through my hands. Like many novices, when I scanned a person I came up with nothing on several occasions. Yet by the simple virtue of going back to my practice again and again, I was able to gradually develop my intuitive abilities and also explore the world of energy healing.

Reiki is an energy healing system and works on the principle that all living beings are filled with a life-force energy (Qi, Chi or Prana) and the source of that life-force is universal life-force said to be available all around us to readily tap into anytime. Reiki practice helps draw in that Qi energy and use it to heal our own energy blocks and deficiencies and also channel it to others who are in need of healing.

Naturally, if we are to heal people we ought to be able to diagnose what’s wrong with them in the first place. Reiki practice offers a few meditative tools to build the intuitive abilities of the healer for them to make accurate diagnosis of the ailment. And every Reiki healing session also tremendously attunes the intuition of the practioner. Only thing left in the hands of the practioner is practice!

I’ve noticed that today Reiki is a part of my lifestyle and intuition is something that I rely on for nearly everything. When I meet new persons, I notice it is my intuitive impressions are that are usually correct than my rational judgment of them. When I counsel people, I rely on my intuitive sense which gives seemingly random messages which turn out to be relevant to the client. I’ve learnt to heed my inner sense to make decisions in my life and also do not hesitate to make split second changes if my intuition says so. Of course, this is all possible only if we can know the difference between intuitive sense and our sense of fear. Because both of them can are gut reactions and can be mistaken for one another. Here again Reiki is helping me by healing through my fears and teaching to me listen to subtle signs that tell intuition apart from fear.

The more and more as I’m attuned into my intuitive sense, I’m discovering many more paths for me to explore, be fascinated by, and use to heal myself and others. The world of intuition opens up a whole new world and for those who’ve seen it, there’s no unseeing.

Reiki Healing for Pets and Animals

Donation based Reiki Healing for Pets and other Animals. Contact us @ 9394301400. Check out fb page @purpleroomhealing

Reiki healing for pets and animals - dog 1
Reiki Healing for Pets and Animals

We are very happy to announce that we are starting Reiki healing services for pets and animals on a donation basis. You can either bring your pets to our place in Hyderabad for Reiki healing sessions or, alternatively, you send us a photograph of your pet and we do distance Reiki healing sessions. All healing sessions for pets are on a donation basis which means there is no fixed fee per session, you just pay from your heart whatever amount you wish to donate for the sessions.

We are also conducting distance group Reiki healing sessions for strays and other animals. You just click a photograph of the sick animal and send it to us along with some details about it. We will send group healing to the animal from our place. We also broadcast the pic to other pet-loving Reiki healer friends.

Reiki healing for Pets and Animals full poster 1


Reiki Workshop Level 1 & 2 in Hyderabad


We are conducting a Reiki Workshop Level 1 and Level 2 for beginners and those who have already received attunement in Reiki but wish to undergo it once more. As usual, for those who have undergone Reiki attunements with us are free to attend/volunteer for both the workshops at no additional costs. This Reiki Workshop is at our house in Hyderabad.

It is mandatory that beginners attend both Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 since we follow a William Lee Rand lineage of teaching and the two levels are taught on two subsequent days. Read below for the details of the Reiki Workshop in Hyderabad:

Course: Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2

Dates: May 26 and 27, 2018

Place: Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad

Seats: Maximum 10 participants only

Course Language: English. Telugu speakers can be accommodated but course material will be given only in English.

Eligibility: Motivation to learn self-healing technique and 30 minutes of practice everyday. Knowledge of the Chakra system is useful but not mandatory.

Cost: Rs. 6150/- (includes course fees for both Level 1 & Level 2, course material and certificate costs.)

Registrations: Please register yourselves at least a week before the workshop. Call 9394301400.

Pre-requisite: A sattvic diet of pure non-spicy vegetarian diet is to be followed by the aspirant since three days prior to the workshop and until the end of the workshop.

All attunements are done one-on-one, hence the number of participants is limited to maximum 10 person per workshop.

Reiki Level 1 teaches you about the basics of Reiki healing system, how to scan a person’s chakras and body, how to diagnose yourself or another person, how to give a full-body Reiki to yourself or to willing others. Level 1 is a complete course in itself to start healing yourself or any others who are willing to come to your for healing.

Reiki Level 2 gives you the ability to perform distance healing – the person you are healing need not be present with you physically, the ability to heal pets, places and plants, teaches you how to send Reiki to events. You also learn to work with energy attachments and how to release them and how to shield yourself and strengthen your aura on an every day basis. You learn to cleanse your place or room and raise the positive vibrations/energy of your house/room. Technique to use incense sticks and other incense methods to cleanse your place on a daily basis.

Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 are complete courses by themselves and are more than enough for a healer to heal themselves, their family and friends. To keep their premises cleansed and protected. All that is required of the aspirant is everyday practice.

Reiki certificates are handed out only after completion of 21 day self-healing routine after the completion of the workshop.

Reiki can be used for general well-being as well as for various issues including emotional problems, inner child problems, relationship issues, to remove karmic blocks, spirit release work, chakra healing, healing thought forms, fears and psychosomatic diseases, mental problems, past life karmas, remove black magic and other forms of energy attacks, and for many other problems.

For more about Reiki and Reiki faqs

Physical Pains dealt with Reiki

Distance Healing

Distance Healing and Spirit Release

Reiki One-on-one Classes

Usui Shiki Ryoho
Usui Traditional Reiki Healing

Learning Reiki is usually encouraged through a group workshop since it can help each person find a community of practitioners to begin their healing journey with. But for various reasons like difficulty to coincide their dates with workshop schedules, preference of a weekday workshop(which is rare), or other personal needs, some may prefer learning Reiki on one-on-one basis. These one-on-one Reiki classes in Hyderabad are offered for such people.

Here are the details for Reiki one-on-one classes:

Course: Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2
We follow a William Lee Rand lineage in Reiki and it is mandatory to learn Reiki Level 1 (Reiki Beginner course) and Reiki Level 2 (Reiki intermediate level) together on two subsequent days with us.

Course Duration: Two Days (Four hours each day – pre-noon or post-noon session)

Eligibility: Interest to learn self-healing techniques and motivation to practice everyday. Basic knowledge in Chakra system is helpful but not compulsory.

Pre-course preparation: Sattvic food diet for minimum three days. It is mandatory that the aspirant follow a minimum three day sattvic diet before attending the Reiki class. This includes avoiding non-vegetarian food, spicy food, junk food, carbonated beverages, alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Registration and Dates: Please call us at least a week ahead so we can fix convenient dates for the Reiki classes. You can call us at +91 9394301400

These Reiki classes are available in English and Telugu in Hyderabad. Course material, however, will be provided only in English for the moment.

Follow the links to understand what Reiki is and to read other frequently asked questions about Reiki.

Is Mythology Real?

Indian history is steeped in mythology. Even modern politics has to deal with it at every step of national administration. But I’m talking about mythology at a personal level. Take Mahabharata and Ramayana for instance. Do you believe it is real? Something that has factually and historically happened in this land? Do you think it is just a fairy tale? Or do you find the metaphors in the epics real but the story itself to be a product of imagination?
A few months ago I’ve been to an event called Mahabharata Immersion by Ritambhara. It is a space for participants to explore the major archetypes of the epic within themselves and through that explore the troubling aspects within one self. I found the whole exercise profoundly affecting. It brought out many aspects within me that I’d been uncomfortable dealing with for a long time. I was forced to take a look at them. And I did, for a long time. So there, in that space, mythology is real and alive as a metaphor and as archetypes if we care to deal with them.
Then again, I’d also gone on a visit to Varanasi. And there I’ve seen another kind of tradition alive – one that not only believes mythologies to be factual events but also carries those myths forward. The people who burn bodies on the ghats believe themselves to be direct descendants of Harischandra. I also heard another friend recently tell me that the boatmen there also believe they are direct descendants of a particular boatman mentioned in Ramayana.
What this belief has done is lend a strong purpose and pride to the community of workers whose daily occupation is to burn the dead or to row people across Ganga. What would otherwise become a menial or even a distasteful occupation has now been fused with one’s own life purpose through this meaning making. In this context, these myths are real and factual by virtue of adherence.
I have amazing friends who reject the very idea of god and hence all mythologies associated with a conscious creation, the evolution of human consciousness as a consequence, and the consequent birth of moral societies. They are tales spun by the clever to subjugate the not-so-clever or the gullible. For them mythology is just a cultural curiosity at best.
In my household when I was growing up, they didn’t care much for Mahabharata or Ramayana but the moral codes in them were real and factual. Sin was a fact. So was virtue. Lord Venkateswara was real. So was Shiva, Parvati, Lakshmi, Hanuman, and Vinayaka. Their mythology was real and even historically accurate – for instance Tirupathi was the place where Lord Venkateswara really had turned to a statue.
As for myself, I fall into the category that wavers between all these spectrum of realities and fantasies. Some days mythologies are factual to me. Some days Gods are just rock carvings and their myths fairy tales. On some days they are so real and factual that I have conversations with them and take advice from them.
So it seems we each carry our personal myths that create a meaning and context for our lives. I’m also including here the belief that the whole creation is a product of chaos and is devoid of any so-called consciousness. These mythologies are very important to us. Some of us need mythologies that extend our connection with history through the centuries, some need mythologies that connect them with the land they live upon, some need mythologies that tell them they are right, some need mythologies that guide them through confusion, we all need mythologies to live. And they are all real and false at the same time. They are real because our lives are lived by those stories – either in accordance with them or through working against them. They are also false because disillusionment is as important as faith in our quest to find ourselves. When do they become real and when do they turn false is, I think, unique for each individual and the journeys they chart out for themselves.
So how can truth be real and false at the same time? It can be, right? We are discussing truth and reality from a human perspective and at that level belief is what creates our experiences and all experiences are real!
I realize that we try to keep our outer worlds factual and measurable – like how far is Varanasi from Hyderabad. What time is it right now? But our inner worlds, the realities by which we actually live are measured by faith or loss of it. Each of us live out our own mythologies that are real and factual. They are what make us humans. Perhaps none of us have ever really met except in the world of our myths and roles – except on very rare occasions. Perhaps this is what the meaning of parallel realities is really. Some of our mythologies have parallels with each other, some are diametrically opposite.
My life cannot move forward without my myths, and yet there is also a deep seated drive to go beyond all myths. I’m assuming that’s true for everyone in the world. So what is the myth that I carry and live? What is your mythology? What do we tell ourselves everyday to get going? What do we tell ourselves deep down that shapes our lives? Is my myth real or false? If we are all connected by storytelling, where do our stories connect? Why do collective myths also divide us?
On a confessional note, the most vital question that I’m struggling with right now is why do I worry when you don’t believe in my myth? Theoretically I shouldn’t but practically I am. Why?

Watch your thoughts; for they become your words!

The quote on watching our thoughts is not about controlling our thoughts or suppressing our habits. What it says is simpler and more profound!

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
Watch your words, they become actions;
Watch your actions, they become habits;
Watch your habits, they become character;
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

shell-2218491My first brush with this profound statement was in my early school days. I fail to remember if I was formally introduced to it or I happened by it. Later, in one ‘Moral Science’ period our teacher lectured us on the meaning of this statement. It had a tremendous impact on me. Unfortunately the influence was a negative one.

The gist of the meaning (that our ‘Moral’ teacher gave us that day) was that we need to keep our thoughts in control else we would end up speaking them. We need to keep our tongue in check; else we would end up acting our statements out. We need to control our actions for otherwise they would become our habits and if we do not control our habits they will become our character. And finally our character will chart our destiny. So it all begins with controlling your bad thoughts. The phrase ‘negative thought’ wasn’t familiar to me back them; just good thoughts and bad thoughts. So “Do NOT have bad thoughts!

That meaning could not have been any farther from the real meaning of the statement. Regrettably, I didn’t understand the statement any better that day and the ‘Moral Science’ class unwittingly sowed one of the early seeds of guilt and self-hatred in me.

I vividly remember trying to control my thoughts and words. To my despair, the more I tried to control the bad thoughts the more they seemed to pop like corn on stove. In desperation, I tried to investigate what bad thoughts were. That made things worse. As I delved to find out the bad, I ended up discovering more bad than I could think up of before. Creative exploration of how many more bad thoughts could I come up with given a situation became a compulsive mental stance. Finally I made some sort of temporary peace with my mind by accepting the thoughts and telling myself that this is how I was – different from others – and I simply needed to keep it a secret. But the inner guilt and self-hatred were quietly weaving away their garbs.

It was not until many many years later that I discover the real meaning of the statement and that too by accident. I had then shifted back to Chennai with my wife and had set up my Hypnotherapy practice there. By a quirk of chance, I had chanced upon Eckhart’s Power of Now and had begun a deep practice of mindfulness. It was a blissful period for me. I often used my walks and other routine activities to become mindful and present. So during one of those days, I walked to a nearby stationary-cum-xerox store to photocopy some documents. As the man and the machine hummed away, I simply stood there aware of my being and thoughts. And on the wall right across was an A3 size poster with the same sentence again staring at me. Standing there in mindful awareness, the profound meaning of the statement hit me in the face.

All that the statement ever asked of us was to simply watch. Observe. To be mindful. Not to control, condition, claim, manipulate, organize, or meddle in any other way but to simply be aware of thoughts as they happen.

Watch your thoughts. Be aware of them.
Notice your speech. Be aware of what you are saying.
Witness your actions. Just witness them.
Are you aware of your habits? Just be aware.

No judgment implied whatsoever. Nothing about good thought or a bad thought. Just a plain statement on watching one’s thoughts. No secondary meaning of holding your tongue or repressing your voice. Habits are so regular and ingrained into us that we hardly ever notice them. The statement simply asks us to know about our habits. To see them.

Every second statement is a simple statement of truth.

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your actions…

See how the spiral of waves move from subtle to gross, from thoughts to words, from words to grosser actions, from actions to habitual patterns, habits to character, and character  to something both fine and gross at the same time – destiny. Like the spiral of a conch shell! So the statement also spirals outwards as a pointer to how things evolve – from within.

Such a profound statement!

But what is the use of it, if all it asks us to do is to watch without doing anything to stop us from becoming ‘bad’ or undesirable individuals?

Well the fear that we’d become ‘bad’ probably comes from our childhood programming where the statement was made in a very negative and tragic sense. “Control yourself, else you’ll suffer the consequences.” This makes the statement seems an affirmation of journey of a derailed life towards its inevitable destruction. But that’s not true.

The statement actually asks us to do something about it – in fact, it asks us to do something extraordinarily potent act. To watch.

Watching, as in simply being aware of something, being mindful, is a very powerful act. Suddenly in the state of awareness, we are pulled out of realm of judgments, desires and aversions. By becoming aware of ourselves we open up a field of possibilities beyond control and manipulation. We are not getting pulled into inferences and implications of our observed thoughts and actions. We are simply watching. The act of watching can simply dissolve our impulses to reaffirm (through desiring or denying) and anchor our behaviors in grosser patterns. Awareness helps dissolve the solidified and the crystallized. The truth is the power of awareness is best understood through experiencing it.

The statement also has nothing to do with age. It is never too late is something I’ve innately believed in and found to be true in most of my situations. Though I’ve come across the statement as a kid, I applied its wisdom only much later as an adult. And through application, I’ve come to realize that awareness is a natural aspect of life itself, a natural state of being and we can tap into it anytime we choose. And that awareness can become the key to unlock our potential to heal, to find peace, to discover who we are, and to be – to simply be.

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