Eclipses – The Spiritual Significance by Anoo

This is a guest post by a dear friend and an intuitive healer Anoo at Breakthrough Holistic Therapy Center. Anoo is a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer with additional specializations in NLP, EFT, Shadow Work, Matrix Reimprinting, Gestalt Therapy and Chakra Healing. You can get in touch with her at

After listening to her perspective on eclipses and learning how to effectively shield myself from any ill-effects of eclipses, I requested her to put her learning and advice in writing so everybody else could benefit from it. Her article is below:

blood moon

Everyone waited with bated breath after they collectively prayed. Will He agree to destroy the three invincible and constantly mobile cities?

The demons Kamalaksha, Vidyunmali, and Tarakaksha, sons of the asura (demon) king Tarakasura, had created these architectural wonders, these three cities made of gold, silver, and copper, which would constantly keep flying throughout the universe. Proud of their architectural feat and their invincibility, together they terrorized and wreaked havoc across the different worlds in the universe.

Defeated, the Gods approached Shiva, the Destroyer, and Regenerator, “Please save us Lord!” they pleaded. “The demons have made the three cities called Tripura totally impregnable. And the only way to destroy the cities along with demons is by shooting a single arrow when for a brief moment in time the three cities align in a straight line.  Also, the arrow is to be shot by the one who is the most powerful in the universe and yet who has no desire to harm enemies, and out of a sense of duty decides to destroy the three cities and kill the demons. The chariot on which he mounts should be of a kind never seen before in the universe. And the bow should be so unique that such a kind does not exist in the world right now. You are the only One Oh Lord who can save all the worlds from them!”


Much to their relief, Shiva agreed. Shiva made the earth His chariot with the sun and moon as its wheels. Mount Mandara became the bow with Adi Sesha, the serpent of time as its bowstring. Vishnu Himself became the arrow. Together they followed the three cities throughout the universe waiting for that moment in a thousand years when all the three cities of Tripura would line up in a single file.

Line up, they did. In a flash, Shiva let loose His powerful arrow and Tripura was reduced to ashes.

Smearing the ashes of the burnt cities on His body Shiva then danced in ecstasy.

The three cities represent the individual world, the social world and the entire world as is.

When the conditions are conducive all it takes is the unleashing of a single arrow of consciousness (Shiva the essence of every soul) to:

  1. destroy an individual’s personal world, the beliefs about what makes up his/her identity.
  2. destroy his/her societal world or all the beliefs about how to fit into and follow the society and its dictates.
  3. destroy the entire world as perceived by the individual.

This is what an eclipse points towards within you.

Destruction, transformation, and regeneration.

Eclipses are spiritually known to be the harbingers of change.
They are pointers nudging you to look within and acknowledge parts of you that are eclipsed deep down in your own unconscious mind, waiting to be released into the light of your awareness.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon are aligned in a straight line exactly on the opposite sides of the earth, and the moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. Lunar eclipses occur during full moon.

A solar eclipse on the other hand occurs at the opposite phase of the moon – new moon. It occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth and it fully or partially blocks the sunlight. In either case the source of light gets eclipsed.

Time and again what is noticeable is how people actually notice changes happening during eclipses, full moons, or new moons. Call it a psychological effect of natural cycles, yet these cycles seem to remind one of the inevitability of the end of things and new beginnings. It is as if an eclipse only highlights the new waves of awareness and the death of old modes of thinking in the collective psyche of people.

During an eclipse, or in other words when the source of light is cut off for sometime all that lies in the shadows within a person’s unconscious mind, things that a person would not like to accept about himself/herself or about a given situation, or things that a person has developed a blind spot towards, steps to the fore to be seen, understood, acknowledged, and let go of.

It is said that spiritually in lunar cycles, every full moon offers us a chance to purge out what is not working in our lives, maybe old stagnant patterns of thinking and functioning which act as barriers to success and abundance, dysfunctional relationships, dissatisfactory modes of earning a living, in other words, whatever is no longer serving our highest good.

When there is an eclipse in the offing, however, we are not given a chance, or to be more apt, a choice. It forces the purging and cleanses and detoxifies.

Without a warning, unexpected changes may occur hastening in transitions into life, that could make you feel a little disoriented.

This is a period of facing your inner demons consciously.

And Shiva is the ultimate consciousness driving the destruction of your identity, the mask that you wear to hide what you think is your imperfect self, uncaging you from all social constructs and demands, tearing to pieces what you consider and perceive to be the world and freeing you to emerge as the source of light and darkness that you truly are.

An eclipse sets the giant wheels of the universe in motion for you to see the truth in any situation, no matter however unpleasant or distressing and finally realize that this too shall pass.

For what is true today may not be your truth tomorrow, as truth too constantly changes form.


There is, however, one constant absolute truth on this earth and that is change.

Sometimes the changes or transitions are joyous, though you might feel a tad uncertain about the future, at other times the transition transforms and rearranges your entire perception of reality. The result is always positive in the long run, even though it may not be apparent in the now, much like when you drive you will be able to see only about 140 metres ahead but not see the entire road leading to the destination.

Also it has been observed the aggravation of symptoms of dormant or even active health conditions occurs during eclipses bringing to the fore the psychosomatic causes of all illnesses, which are almost always disregarded by us. It maybe due to the age-old collective psychological conditioning of people, deeply rooted in spiritual beliefs and archetypes and the natural cycles. The aggravation of symptoms, be they emotional or physical, simply serve as pointers to look within and consciously resolve what lies unresolved, deep in the unconscious.

Ancient traditions world over suggest a few preparatory practices, to keep troubling symptoms at bay and to make the most of the immensely transformative, collective psychological energies, of a full moon lunar eclipse.

These practices help to harness the transformative psychological energies and facilitate a ‘soft landing’ during the transition as opposed to a ‘hard landing’ that a tornado can cause (which somehow reminds me of Dorothy and Toto of Wizard of Oz totally unprepared and caught up in a cyclone, later experiencing a hard landing in the country of the Munchkins.) when we are totally unprepared.

After all, spirituality as much as science is a process that requires active participation from your end.

It always takes two to tango!

  • Fast or Eat your Last Meal Two Hours Prior to the Eclipse: During eclipses solar as well as lunar, fasting is advised by different spiritual preceptors across many traditions in the world.
    A study performed in 2011 showed that enhanced radiation of ultraviolet and other rays occur during an eclipse. This may also make the atmosphere conducive for some bacteria to thrive. If fasting is not possible at least make sure you eat your food two hours before the eclipse starts. The food needs to be digested before the eclipse begins. Leftover cooked foods from the eclipse should be disposed off.
  • Protect your boundaries: According to many traditions eclipses can also increase the emotional sensitivity to foreign energies, which can include simply being more sensitive towards that nasty bullying co-worker, or a gossiping neighbor, or even getting a sense of near and dear ones who have passed away which has a deeply psychological side to it.
    An easy thumb-rule to follow is to stay away from anyone who pushes your buttons, starting from at least three days preceding a full moon lunar eclipse and continuing to stay away till three days after the eclipse. But yes, that is not possible in most cases unless you are a complete homebody. Then too nasty relatives could be the trigger points!
    So you can follow this simple visualization exercise which is highly effective for protecting your personal boundaries. Whenever you are anywhere near people who trigger your emotions negatively, simply imagine a golden circle around you and another circle around them.
    Mentally say to yourself, “you shall not be able to cross my personal boundary and I shall not cross yours.”
    You can also do the spiritual exercise of cord cutting with people who disturb you at this time as a full moon lunar eclipse in any way is also about letting go of what you don’t need in your life.
    But before you cut the cords, make sure you understand why you have such people around you in the first place. For as the saying goes, teachers will continue to appear untill you have learnt your lesson!
    There is something you have not learnt about yourself and therefore you have that nasty co-worker bullying you, or that spouse abusing you, or you even repeatedly get stuck in traffic jams! When you see what actually lies behind your blind spot, or what lurks deep in the shadows within you, and acknowledge it all with compassion, forgive yourself and anyone else concerned, and let go, age-old dysfunctional patterns (maybe even inherited from your parents) fall away and get reduced to dust.

(Remember, the story of Tripura crumbling to dust narrated above?)

    To deal with other subtler forms of energies, more precisely, non-physical, i.e. spirits and entities you believe you can sense, you can perform a house cleanse by smudging the entire house and placing some crystal salt in areas where you sense the presence is strong.
    You can create a circle with the salt in the area or put some salt in a bowl and place it in the area.  This sends strong signals to your unconscious mind that you are taking steps to take care of yourself. That itself will provide a boost to your inner strength.
    Also, make sure you take saltwater baths and then perform a shielding exercise to protect your aura or your personal boundary. To do the shielding exercise simply close your eyes and visualize a bright white light cocooning you from head to toe. Repeat to yourself, “I am surrounded by a cocoon of light which allows only positive energies inside and reflects all the negative energies back to the source and transmutes them.”
  • Meditate: Eclipses are times when you suddenly see the truth in situations whether you like it or not. Make use of that energy by meditating consciously and letting whatever arises to come up. Meditating is not focusing or concentrating hard. It is about creating a safe space for yourself so that all the suppressed feelings and emotions can finally come up and be released once and for all. Do some guided meditation much before the scheduled eclipse date. This will keep your emotions and energies in balance. Most importantly this will still your mind and bring you to that peaceful silent space. And “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” – Mother Teresa
  • Pray: This is a perfect time to attune yourself to higher vibrations. Prayer is what will give birth to the possibilities for the real invincible you to emerge. You may be called to give up something to enter a new phase in your life. That is the process of unpeeling and emptying out. Yes, it may seem frightening. For, nothing scares a human being more than the uncertainty of an unknown zone. But that is the beauty of it. Uncertainty is the space where miracles occur. Do not be hijacked by your fears for then you will be only shadow boxing. The eclipse needs to end and your soul in all its power needs to shine through.
    Prayers can be the vehicle inciting surrender and putting you in touch with the Higher Power. It can be in any form. It can be a plain conversation with God, or any chants that you like that resonate with your being.

You never know which chant can awaken the God within you.

Eclipses in general show you the value of darkness, for, it is in the darkness of a womb that a new life is born, for under the ground in the dark a seed has to split and die for a sapling to be born, a caterpillar has to die in the darkness of the cocoon to emerge as a butterfly.

Eclipses thus stand for metamorphosis, heralding in your freedom.

Anoo is a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Healer with additional specializations in NLP, EFT, Shadow Work, Matrix Reimprinting, Gestalt Therapy and Chakra Healing. You can get in touch with her at

We Are Going On A Long Leave

Short GoodbyeThere come many opportunities in a person’s life when they can choose to follow their hearts or continue living in fears and insecurities of the mind. We (Geetha and I) have passed through quite a few and perhaps there lie a few more ahead of us. Most of the times, our choice was of the heart but once in a while we let our fears cloud us and keep us in the same of loop of suffering. We are once more at one such juncture in our lives.

This time the choice was unhesitating and simultaneous for both of us. Now, we’ve both come to a clear realization that further and truer healing cannot happen with conventional therapy but rather through a deeper introspection and awareness. And stepping into pure present moment awareness means we cannot avoid stepping into the unknown that follows it immediately. And to do that we realized we simply have to put in more faith into the life within and trust it to take care of us. And we are doing that. We are going away together to explore and experiment in deeper and truer healing. And, as usual with our lives so far, the experiment is first on us. We didn’t have to go away to let this healing happen, but the moment the realization to heal deeper came for us the universe opened doors for a perfect space to heal!

As a result, we are both taking a long sabbatical and we are closing Purple Room Healing for the public. The leave is for at least six months. The blog and all its articles will still be available for you all. We are also opening a site and another blog to share our onward (and inward) journey and to write about the practice of awareness. We will announce them here soon once we have made the physical transition to our new home and personal healing space.

Thank you all clients and friends who made this journey with us. We learnt a lot from each of you and we hope each of you had equally benefited through the help we could extend.

“The only freedom we’ve got is not to react to anything, but to turn within and know the truth.” – Robert Adams

House Cleansing: Balancing your House Energies for your Health, Relationship, Wealth, and Happiness.

Cleansing your house of negative energies brings an instant change to your space and moods!
Cleansing your house of negative energies brings an instant change to your space and moods!

Every building and the land has its own past and energy levels. I am not speaking of Vaastu or Feng Shui. By energy levels I mean how the house or place can affect your emotional state through its own, for the lack of a better word, vibrations. I am also speaking of spirit energies attached to a place or house.

Yes, it might sound strange, or even incredible, but check it out. Don’t you find some places inherently creepy no matter what time of the day you go there? Have you ever noticed that your temper and other emotions tend to increase in particular rooms in your own space or others’? Of course, some cases may be due to personal psychological triggers related to that particular space. Like if you had entertained negative thoughts repeatedly in a specific room or corner in your house then soon you will be habituated to think negatively whenever you are in that same spot.

But if others around you too have similar emotional highs in the same rooms and, in some cases, even visitors to your house tend to exhibit fear or trepidation in the same places in your house then it obviously has something to do with the space itself.

Most often they won’t be something that warrants a change of house itself. A simple cleansing of that space and house (or business office) will help clear and cleanse the energies. House cleansing through Hypnotherapy is one such technique. It’s a very simple and one of the safest methods to cleanse. In this, the cleansing is not even required to be done from inside the house, though the follow-up maintenance is always done at the place.

Effects of Energy Attachments to a Place

The most obvious effect is its influence on the emotions and relationships of the people residing in that space. The negative thought-forms subtly (or sometimes severely) influence the emotional state of the people in that space and over time the influence becomes stronger and quicker. Relationships can become strained due to such influences. In case of spirit attachments, the effects cannot be predicted because they largely depend on the past and intention of the spirits and soul fragments.

The other area of influence seems to be on the health of the family members. The spirit energies or thought-forms can affect the natural health and balance of people and make them vulnerable to various ailments.

In some cases, finances of the family seem to decline due to energy attachment in house.

One other common case is that of the soul fragment trying to evict the people from that space. It usually is done by spirits of people who owned or lived in that house earlier. The influence of the spirit attachment in these cases could be deliberate or unintentional. The spirit cannot rest until the house is empty again.

Another common effect is fear due to direct perception of the spirits themselves. The presence of spirit(s) is felt by most of the family members in various situations. In some cases, some members have also described to me the appearance of the spirit form. But most often it is presence as a vague form through their peripheral vision and the experience is shared by others in the family too. They see forms walking past in the hallway, in the toilets, etc.

House Cleansing through Hypnosis

House cleansing is a simple yet effective and safer method of cleansing a space or land of these energies. The client is usually someone who lives or owns the place. The session is performed at the therapy center itself but the results are extremely quick and apparent.

Maintenance of the Cleansed Space: Your Responsibility

Cleansing a space will certainly get rid of negative space energies. But it is the maintenance of the space after cleansing that is important to keep the space from picking up further negative energies. This is a part that the people who live in the house need to take up and practice. The processes of maintenance are simple enough and there are many ways. But the consistency is important.

Think of it this way. A person with malaria goes to a physician for treatment. House Cleansing done with the therapist is similar to a physician treating a patient for malaria. But that does not guarantee the person will not get the same disease again the next year. This is where the physician prescribes precautions like using mosquito repellents, clearing stagnant waters in and around the house, etc. These cannot be done by the physician. Similarly the householders need to take up the maintenance so that the house energy levels are maintained well. As I said, the process itself is easy and simple. It just demands some consistency, that is all.

Simple Meditation Technique to deal with Anxiety and Stress – Part 2

Read the First Part here. The meditation technique is explained there.

Best Recommended Times

The recommended times are for getting the best out of this method. They are not mandatory. In fact, I recommend you not to take up all the below at once. That will simply become a burden to you and that will motivate you to give up the meditation practise.

I personally follow these and I do not meditate for no more than two minutes maximum each time. And I increased the frequency of this practise after I fell in love with the meditation, not before.

The best way to start the day is to become present in this moment when you wake up.
The best way to start the day is to become present in this moment when you wake up.

As soon as you wake up – this is especially good because it can have a great influence over your entire day.

In the toilet – this again is another time of the day where our thoughts and emotions then can affect the whole day. Just a few minutes of this meditation here will help us greatly.

Waiting in traffic or at other times can be a great time to meditate.
Waiting in traffic or at other times can be a great time to meditate.

During travel (if you are not operating the vehicle) – this is one of the best times, I’ve found, to meditate. In fact somehow it is easy for me to meditate while sitting in the bus or train. After this technique, I personally began to prefer travelling by bus or train over driving myself because it gives me a long time to meditate. Especially while returning from a day’s work, this meditation in bus has tremendous benefit. There is an immediate flushing of stress and anxiety which I used to carry from work to home.

Before beginning a work – I have found this to be another huge benefit. When you are able to move into ‘being in the moment’ before you start any work, it gives you the calmness as well as the presence of mind required to handle the task effectively. In fact, I found this even improved my performance.

Being in the moment after eating can help digestion and also tune to your listening to your body.
Being in the moment after eating can help digestion and also tune to your listening to your body.

Immediately after eating – If you do this over a few weeks, you will even gain an amazing ability. You will be able to tell if the food that you just consumed is good for you or not. Body has a great ability to communicate what it wants and what it can’t digest. But we never listen. This technique helps you gain back that listening habit. Not only will your stomach tell you if the food you ate is good for you or not, but if you ate something that is particularly not so suitable for your constitution, the few minutes of this meditation after food actually helps reduce the discomfort or indigestion problem. Of course, that does not mean you can continue to eat whatever you like and use this technique like some antacid tonic. When your body communicates, listen to it. Try to avoid that food stuff in future.

Evenings when free – This is the time when I practise this for a slightly longer time like about ten to fifteen minutes. Sometimes, if I find time, I do this in the mornings instead. This helps me become more anchored in that state of peace and calmness, and also helps me get into this practise easily even during most stressful times in the day.

Before going to bed – I sleep with this technique. It will soon help you fall asleep faster.

Getting the Best Out Of This Meditation Practise – Meditation Tips and Advice

Be in the moment and you will soon enjoy the moment as it is.
Be in the moment and you will soon enjoy the moment as it is.

Enjoy the meditation – Just be and you will quickly fall in love with this meditation. Whenever you are being in your body, you will find a certain peace and calmness in it.

Let it grow upon you – Let the meditation grow upon you not the other way round! Do not try to overwhelm yourself with doing this too many times in the beginning. You are trying to acquire a habit of regular meditation. And anything that you dislike or are trying to force upon self can be tough to become a habit.

Take it easy – If you take this meditation too seriously (instead of enthusiastically) you are only adding to your stress. Remember you are trying to find peace out of this meditation. The more desperate you grow the less likely you will find peace. Just take it easy.

Skip once in a while – Take a break when you feel like it. The importance of peace and calmness is felt more in its absence. Don’t be a stickler to punctuality and discipline. If you enjoy the meditation it will become a part of your daily routine quickly enough.

Don’t try too hard – Once in a while you may find it difficult to move into the ‘here and now’ when you are too stressed out or emotional. Don’t try hard. With enough practise during other times you will soon, within weeks, reach a state where you can go into the meditation even during high stress.

Don’t empty mind – Again the emphasis is to be your posture and thus enter this moment. Not on emptying your head of thoughts. There is no need to change your thoughts. Move your focus from them to your body.

Stay on the goal – As you become more practised in this meditation technique, you will find some interesting latent abilities of yours getting activated. For instance, sometimes when I am doing this meditation, I become aware of the mood and thoughts of people around me. Stay with the goal. And the goal is to gain peace and be stress-free. If you start pursuing this meditation for the sake of latent powers you will lose both peace as well as the powers.

Experience this moment – Each time you do this meditation you may have a different experience. The goal is to be the posture and experience this moment as it is. Do not try to reproduce the experience of your previous meditations. That is where you can get lost and lose peace.

Do it as you are – Do not try to assume special postures for the meditation. Just move into the posture you have at the moment. Of course you can adjust a limb or two for the sake of convenience. Sometimes you can also realign your posture as a physical way of ‘gathering your mind’. Special postures or asanas can restrict the places and times when you can practise this meditation.


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Frustration: Shortcut to Failure


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What Should Be and What Is – The Eternal Human Conflict

Every problem that we face no matter how big or small it is arises out of the conflict between our ‘What Should Be’ and what is.

  • When we are on the track of ‘What Is’ and focus on the tracks ‘What Should Be’ …accidents happen.

    I should have my keys! I lost my keys!

  • My car shouldn’t have a flat tire! It does!
  • I should be getting more income! I am getting less!
  • My neighbor should mind his own business! He doesn’t!
  • My wife should do all the household chores! She isn’t!
  • My husband should support me financially! He isn’t!
  • My spouse should understand me! The spouse doesn’t!
  • My son should get better marks! He isn’t!
  • My daughter should dress properly! She doesn’t!
  • My parents should give me more freedom! They aren’t!
  • I should be healthy! I am diseased!
  • She should have been alive! She’s dead!

All the clients that ever came to me, all the problems I ever sought to resolve in my life – everything came down to a conflict between ‘What Should Be’ and what is.

No matter what help we resort to for our troubles, be it Allopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Self-Help books, Psychological Counselors, a well-wisher’s advice, Angel Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Critical Analysis, Astrology, Chakra Healing, Divination, it is always because we cannot accept what is and we have a ‘What Should Be’ in our head.

But have we ever once stopped to question our very ‘What Should Be’ beliefs?

Have we ever once thought why can we not simply accept what is?

We are so caught up in the denying, resisting, fighting with, attempting to change the ‘what is’ that we never for once sat back and asked ourselves why should anything be any other way that it is! We never questioned the standards! We never thought why can’t we simply accept what is!

Which standard says that human being should be healthy always? Is that a biological law? If it is, why, then, aren’t we always healthy? Why then must we die?

Who said that relationships must be the way we expect them to be? Is it a natural law of the universe? Don’t you realize that your relationship is lousy just because you are trying to make the other person confirm to your expectations of that role?

When you look deeper into the problem, we find that all the ‘What Should Be’ beliefs are all acquired standards. We picked them up in the process of growing up and learning to cope with this world. They are all mere beliefs. Yet they become our moral and social commandments of life. We seek to fulfill them at the cost of sacrificing who we are.

Some may say it is a conflict between ‘What I Want’ and what is. I’ve noticed ‘What I Want’ is either defined by ‘What Should Be’ or it becomes that.

The roots go deeper still until they touch our very egos. But we never want to go that deep. We just want to be on the surface and depend on our ‘What Should Be’s to define our happiness.

The truth is there is greater freedom in learning to accept what is. That does not mean we cannot or must not change what is. But in learning to accept, we lose our ‘What Should Be’ and then what needs to be actually done for the situation will become clear. It might be changing the situation or it might be simply being in the acceptance. In some cases if we accept the situation, the situation changes without any apparent effort on our part (except for the acceptance, of course).

Isn’t accepting everything that comes a loser’s way?

Where did you get your definition of losing and success from? Merely another ‘What Should Be’ standard!

And if we accept a situation just because the situation will change by acceptance, then we are still hanging on to a ‘What Should Be’.

Next time you have an issue just, for once, try accepting the reality of what is.

What do I mean by acceptance? Just be! Stop resisting. Just be. And see what happens!

Remember, when you are accepting, you must really let go of your ‘What Should Be’ for that particular situation. Otherwise, you are merely pretending to accept. You still haven’t come down into the reality.

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Purple Room in Chennai now!

Finally we are happy to announce that we are moving to Chennai. The Hyderabad branch will still function however with only Reiki Services.

Our core services and operations will be from Chennai. The new healing space is in Besant Nagar – about two minutes walk from the glorious Elliot’s Beach. We are looking forward to working there and the operations will be fully function by the end of the first week of May. It will be a healing experience for all of us!

The services in Chennai will be:

Past Life Regression Therapy
Reiki Healing
Metaphor Therapy
Spirit Release Therapy
Tarot Card Reading
Angel Card Reading
Emotional Empowerment Therapy

We will soon announce Body Language and other workshops in Chennai too.

Yeah, updated Chennai contact numbers are put up below. You can also look up the ‘Contact Us‘ page for more.

Kiran Relangi – +91 9500117031

Geetha Pallavi – +91 9500117083

As usual the consultation is only through prior appointment. Feel free to call us for any clarifications.

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Distance Healing for Spirit Release

Distance HealingAt Purple Room, we are now offering distance healing for cases of Spirit Release Therapy. Distance healing is a method of healing where the client is not physically present for healing. Although it is possible to treat many issues through distance healing, we are currently offering healing only in the cases of spirit attachments.

Please see Distance Healing Page for FAQs and other details.

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Spirits that come for Forgiveness

Spirits that come for forgiveness during past life regression sessions are not spirits that are attached to clients. They come because it is time for their release through forgiveness.

Spirit Release Therapy

In my practise of past life regressions, I have sometimes come across spirits that come during the sessions to seek forgiveness from my clients. In all of these cases, the spirits had not been attached to my client previously. They usually come when the client visits the relevant past life and they ask for forgiveness for their behaviour in the past.

In one such case, the client recollected a past life where he was a princely heir of a European line of kings. He saw himself being stabbed to death by his wife. Immediately after he visited the past life, he found himself face to face with the spirit of his former wife. The client was quite disconcerted but the woman simply said she had come for forgiveness which my client readily did. She said she still desired to be his wife in a future incarnation and that she would wait for him in the light. She left to the light afterward that.

There are times when the client starts spontaneously recalling a past life the moment he is under hypnosis. Usually this happens when the subconscious of the client has an important problem to be resolved immediately. But in one such case, it was not the client’s subconscious that ‘threw’ up the memory of a past life but it was a spirit. The client in this case was taken to a traumatic past life where he had been violently hacked to death. The client could only see fragments of the past. He had been a poor kid living in a slum and all the client could remember was the violent death and the face of the perpetrator – a cruel looking man in his forties.

I moved the client away from the past life because he was obviously experiencing the trauma once more. Immediately client saw himself facing the spirit of the cruel looking man. The spirit carried a sword in his hand. It was the same sword that the man had used to hack the child to death. My client became so upset and angry that I had to bring him out of the session without releasing the spirit of the cruel man.

But that night my client dreamt of the cruel man and it was quite disturbing for him. The client fixed an immediate appointment with me the next day. I explained to him that it is important to release spirit attachments once they show themselves and the dreams had been because the spirit of the cruel man had not been released. My client agreed reluctantly to talk to the spirit.

I induced hypnosis and directed the client into a guided imagery session. He pictured entering the garden he had visited in an earlier session. There he found the cruel man waiting for my client. Initially the client reacted angrily and started challenging the spirit. Challenge could lead to flaring of egos and the case could only get unnecessarily complicated. I reasoned with my client. He calmed down and asked the cruel man what he wanted. The man immediately threw his sword down and begged for forgiveness. He told my client that he had suffered much due to his guilt and regret over his ghastly deed.

My client was reluctant to forgive the man. Usually most clients readily forgive or let go of past life issues and attachments. But in this case, my client had become upset over the brutality of the murder and was still sore over it.

I asked my client to call upon his spirit guides. He saw Jesus and another guide come into the garden. My client asked for their advice but they said they are leaving the decision entirely to my client. They said they would be okay with any decision my client made. Obviously it was time for my client to learn through his own thought. It is incidents like these that evolve most of the clients to a whole new level of maturity and spiritual growth.

After much thought my client decided to forgive the cruel man and he did it willingly. Not surprisingly, my client felt emotionally relieved on forgiving the cruel man. We helped the man go into the light after that.

Spirit Attachments from Past Lives

Some spirits or earth-bound souls are attached to a person over lifetimes. Some could be as old as many centuries. Spirit Release Therapy is a safe and efficient means to identify spirit attachments and release them from the client.

Some spirits remain attached to a person across lifetimes. Usually these spirits have some strong connection with the client and are not stray attachments. In one case of a young man of 25, he had a female spirit that was attached to him since three lifetimes. The spirit had been his wife in a past life and had got attached to my client soon after her death in that lifetime. The spirit refused to leave my client initially. She had become extremely jealous of the client’s relationship with his girlfriend and had often been responsible for many quarrels and arguments of the client with his girlfriend. It must be understood that, in most cases of spirit attachment, the core issue always stems from the clients themselves. The spirits only aggravate the issues. In this case too, the client had a history of impulsive and argumentative behaviour which he had worked upon in the subsequent sessions with me. After much persuasion, the spirit agreed to leave the client and go to the light. The client was much relieved after that and the impulse to argue on silly matters had come down considerably.

Similarly, it is very common for clients to find attachments of family members from the past – sister, mother, father, children, etc.

In another case, the spirit was attached to my client since fifteen hundred years. The client had been a cruel Empress of an oriental state and had overseen live burials those who rebelled or opposed her. The spirit was that of a man who was buried alive along with his family. The family had moved to light but the man had refused. He was attached to my client with an intention to make her suffer. Cases of spirits attaching themselves to humans with a motive of revenge are uncommon but not unheard of altogether. The man was deaf to all our arguments and refused to leave. In fact, he even refused to give the reasons for his motives. He just kept repeating he wanted my client to suffer. It was through other means that we had to see the lifetime of the Empress. It was only after calling upon the man’s wife from the light did the man begin to loosen up. Initially he was angry at his wife also for leaving into the light. But she finally managed to convince him to leave with her. There had to be a forgiveness session done before he could leave my client and go into the light.

Sometimes there is more than one spirit attachment stemming from a past lifetime. In some extreme cases, clients carry large groups of spirits across lifetimes. In the case of a client, he had been an army commander in a past lifetime leading a group of soldiers. The entire troop was killed by the enemy army in the war. The army commander had felt so responsible for his troop that he had since carried them in his auric space over lifetimes. In another similar case, the client was carrying thousands of soldiers from an ancient tribal lifetime where he had been the tribal chief of a kingdom. The kingdom had lost the war with a neighbouring kingdom and the entire army was wiped out.

It is important to understand that it is not the number of spirit or entity attachments that determine the strength of influence upon the client but it is the relationship and the motive of the attachment that matters. In all of the above cases, the client with the attachment of his wife in a past life had suffered more than the client with thousands of soldiers in his auric space.

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What is Spirit Releasement Therapy?

Spirit Releasement or Foreign Energy Release is a therapy that seeks to free a person from external energies that may have occupied the person’s space.

Spirit Releasement or Foreign Energy Release is a therapy that seeks to free a person from external energies that may have occupied the person’s space.

Now what do I mean by external energies? When we look at a human, can we say he is a sum of different energies – every energy vibrating in its own frequency? What do we have at sub-atomic (inside atoms) levels – energy! So every human is a mass of various energies – energy of his body parts, energy of his mind, and energy of his life force or soul.

Sometimes these energies can piece off and leave the person it belongs to – this happens mostly to the mind energy of a person. This energy can enter another person’s space and settle itself there. Since these energies are energies of mind and soul of another person, it means they carry personality traits of the person they belong to. In such cases the ‘host’ in whose body the external energies are occupying can experience a shift in certain preferences and in outlook in his life. It also means that the issues of external energies can now become the “host’s” issue.  How strongly the external energy influences the ‘host’ depends on various factors.

When the energy of a person who’s alive breaks off and enters another person it is called a Soul Fragment. If the energy is that of a dead person, then the energy is called Foreign Energy.

Spirit Releasement Therapy focuses on releasing such foreign energies from the space of the client so that the client has his energy as a whole and is not unduly experienced by external energies.