Distance Healing

At Purple Room, we are now offering distance healing for cases of Spirit Release Therapy. Distance healing is a method of healing where the client is not physically present for healing. Although it is possible to treat many issues through distance healing, we are currently offering healing only in the cases of spirit attachments.

Distance Healing

Please read the following FAQs for more information:

What is Distance Healing?

Distance or Remote Healing is a method of healing where healing is done without the client being physically present at the therapist’s healing room. This is usually done for clients who are residing in cities other than the therapist’s city of practise.

What methods are used for Distance Healing?

There are many efficient distance therapy modalities today. At Purple Room Healing we do distance healing through Surrogate Hypnosis, Surrogate EET (A variation of EFT), and Distance Reiki.

How effective is Distance Healing as compared to conventional healing?

We always prefer that the client come to therapy personally. But that said, Distance Healing is quite an effective method and, at times, is the preferable method because the client cannot come to the therapist’s place.

What is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release or Foreign Energy Release is a therapy that seeks to free a person from external energies that may have occupied the person’s space.

Spirits that attach themselves to a person’s space are usually energies of a person who has passed away. It is generally termed an Earth-bound Spirit. This knowledge of such spirit attachments came through various hypnotherapy sessions across the world and today it is a widely accepted phenomenon in the world Spiritual Hypnosis.

One must understand that it is not easy for these spirits to attach themselves to any person just like that. They need to have a ‘hook’ – that is, a common factor with the person they seek to attach to. The ‘hook’ is usually an issue that the person as well as the spirit has in common. And also they can attach to the person only when the person’s auric shielding is open. Every one of us has a very strong shielding at an aura level and it is not easy to break it. There are only certain circumstances in which an aura is weakened or wide open.

Since these energies are energies of mind and soul of another person, they carry personality traits of the person they belong to. In such cases the ‘host’ in whose body the external energies are occupying can experience a shift in certain preferences and in outlook in her/his life. How strongly the external energy influences the ‘host’ depends on various factors.

Spirit Releasement Therapy focuses on releasing such foreign energies from the space of the client and provides a relief to the client. The client must understand that there is always a common issue between the client and the spirit attached, and when the spirit is released, issue comes down to the level it was influenced by the spirit. The remaining core issue has to be dealt with by the client through either traditional therapies or through self-healing methods.

Are these earth-bound spirits harmful?

You must understand that the spirit is just the soul of another human being who is no more in the physical realm. Most spirits are attached to the client because they are afraid or lost. Though the client’s psyche undergoes changes that may not be favourable for the client, it is, however, not intentional on the part of the spirit in most cases.

Please contact us for more details and to book a distance healing session.

Call Kiran Relangi, Hypnotherapist @ 9849708458, Geetha Pallavi, Reiki Healer @ 9394301400

Photo Courtesy: Between Seasons by Evgeni Dinev


3 thoughts on “Distance Healing

  1. I thank Geetha Aunty for encouraging me through sending positive vibes during my exams… I’m usually scared when there are exams but during my boards i attempted it coolly and I scored awesome marks…!!!!

  2. In March my ex passed away in April my fiancée felt like she was being stabbed in the back with a knife, shortly after that she became very emotional and suicidal just tonight we had our bedroom door open on its own and my fiancée felt a very strong presence in our room I also felt like something had wrapped around my head and my body. I have the feeling that my ex has attached herself to my fiancée and is trying to influence her into doing terrible things please help

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