We Are Going On A Long Leave

Short GoodbyeThere come many opportunities in a person’s life when they can choose to follow their hearts or continue living in fears and insecurities of the mind. We (Geetha and I) have passed through quite a few and perhaps there lie a few more ahead of us. Most of the times, our choice was of the heart but once in a while we let our fears cloud us and keep us in the same of loop of suffering. We are once more at one such juncture in our lives.

This time the choice was unhesitating and simultaneous for both of us. Now, we’ve both come to a clear realization that further and truer healing cannot happen with conventional therapy but rather through a deeper introspection and awareness. And stepping into pure present moment awareness means we cannot avoid stepping into the unknown that follows it immediately. And to do that we realized we simply have to put in more faith into the life within and trust it to take care of us. And we are doing that. We are going away together to explore and experiment in deeper and truer healing. And, as usual with our lives so far, the experiment is first on us. We didn’t have to go away to let this healing happen, but the moment the realization to heal deeper came for us the universe opened doors for a perfect space to heal!

As a result, we are both taking a long sabbatical and we are closing Purple Room Healing for the public. The leave is for at least six months. The blog and all its articles will still be available for you all. We are also opening a site and another blog to share our onward (and inward) journey and to write about the practice of awareness. We will announce them here soon once we have made the physical transition to our new home and personal healing space.

Thank you all clients and friends who made this journey with us. We learnt a lot from each of you and we hope each of you had equally benefited through the help we could extend.

“The only freedom we’ve got is not to react to anything, but to turn within and know the truth.” – Robert Adams

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Hair Fall

Positive Visualization and Hypnotherapy can help in promoting healthy hair growth.
Positive Visualization and Hypnotherapy can help in promoting healthy hair growth.

One of the best uses of Hypnotherapy lies in using it to improve health and performance through positive affirmations, visualization and Self Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and positive affirmations can fetch great results for physical health and well-being.

One such great application is use of positive visualization in controlling hair fall or even promoting hair growth. One of the major reasons for hair loss is stress and anxiety. There are other reasons too like hereditary, poor health and diet, etc. Even in these cases anxiety can accelerate the hair fall tremendously.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe method to reduce hair fall as well as promote hair growth. It has absolutely no side effects and also decreases the overall stress and anxiety levels of the clients.

Using visualization techniques, positive affirmations, and self-hypnosis, clients see a significant hair growth and also increase the health of the hair condition. The course of hair loss treatment can last over a few weeks or longer depending on severity of the issue and the response rate.

One important factor in having better results is attitude of the client towards the therapy. The more positive a client is towards the therapy the better the results. Hypnotherapy relies on power of suggestion and the readiness of the client to accept such suggestions. Hair loss being caused by anxiety and other temporary causes like poor diet, etc. respond well to the program. Some hair fall conditions may not be worked through hypnotherapy.

In the next post I shall share a very simple visualization technique to promote hair growth in receding hairlines.

At Purple Room Healing we are conducting guided hypnotherapy and positive visualization programs for hair loss and hair growth starting this month in Chennai. You can contact us on 9500117031 during weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm.

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What Should Be and What Is – The Eternal Human Conflict

Every problem that we face no matter how big or small it is arises out of the conflict between our ‘What Should Be’ and what is.

  • When we are on the track of ‘What Is’ and focus on the tracks ‘What Should Be’ …accidents happen.

    I should have my keys! I lost my keys!

  • My car shouldn’t have a flat tire! It does!
  • I should be getting more income! I am getting less!
  • My neighbor should mind his own business! He doesn’t!
  • My wife should do all the household chores! She isn’t!
  • My husband should support me financially! He isn’t!
  • My spouse should understand me! The spouse doesn’t!
  • My son should get better marks! He isn’t!
  • My daughter should dress properly! She doesn’t!
  • My parents should give me more freedom! They aren’t!
  • I should be healthy! I am diseased!
  • She should have been alive! She’s dead!

All the clients that ever came to me, all the problems I ever sought to resolve in my life – everything came down to a conflict between ‘What Should Be’ and what is.

No matter what help we resort to for our troubles, be it Allopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Self-Help books, Psychological Counselors, a well-wisher’s advice, Angel Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Critical Analysis, Astrology, Chakra Healing, Divination, it is always because we cannot accept what is and we have a ‘What Should Be’ in our head.

But have we ever once stopped to question our very ‘What Should Be’ beliefs?

Have we ever once thought why can we not simply accept what is?

We are so caught up in the denying, resisting, fighting with, attempting to change the ‘what is’ that we never for once sat back and asked ourselves why should anything be any other way that it is! We never questioned the standards! We never thought why can’t we simply accept what is!

Which standard says that human being should be healthy always? Is that a biological law? If it is, why, then, aren’t we always healthy? Why then must we die?

Who said that relationships must be the way we expect them to be? Is it a natural law of the universe? Don’t you realize that your relationship is lousy just because you are trying to make the other person confirm to your expectations of that role?

When you look deeper into the problem, we find that all the ‘What Should Be’ beliefs are all acquired standards. We picked them up in the process of growing up and learning to cope with this world. They are all mere beliefs. Yet they become our moral and social commandments of life. We seek to fulfill them at the cost of sacrificing who we are.

Some may say it is a conflict between ‘What I Want’ and what is. I’ve noticed ‘What I Want’ is either defined by ‘What Should Be’ or it becomes that.

The roots go deeper still until they touch our very egos. But we never want to go that deep. We just want to be on the surface and depend on our ‘What Should Be’s to define our happiness.

The truth is there is greater freedom in learning to accept what is. That does not mean we cannot or must not change what is. But in learning to accept, we lose our ‘What Should Be’ and then what needs to be actually done for the situation will become clear. It might be changing the situation or it might be simply being in the acceptance. In some cases if we accept the situation, the situation changes without any apparent effort on our part (except for the acceptance, of course).

Isn’t accepting everything that comes a loser’s way?

Where did you get your definition of losing and success from? Merely another ‘What Should Be’ standard!

And if we accept a situation just because the situation will change by acceptance, then we are still hanging on to a ‘What Should Be’.

Next time you have an issue just, for once, try accepting the reality of what is.

What do I mean by acceptance? Just be! Stop resisting. Just be. And see what happens!

Remember, when you are accepting, you must really let go of your ‘What Should Be’ for that particular situation. Otherwise, you are merely pretending to accept. You still haven’t come down into the reality.

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Purple Room in Chennai now!

Finally we are happy to announce that we are moving to Chennai. The Hyderabad branch will still function however with only Reiki Services.

Our core services and operations will be from Chennai. The new healing space is in Besant Nagar – about two minutes walk from the glorious Elliot’s Beach. We are looking forward to working there and the operations will be fully function by the end of the first week of May. It will be a healing experience for all of us!

The services in Chennai will be:

Past Life Regression Therapy
Reiki Healing
Metaphor Therapy
Spirit Release Therapy
Tarot Card Reading
Angel Card Reading
Emotional Empowerment Therapy

We will soon announce Body Language and other workshops in Chennai too.

Yeah, updated Chennai contact numbers are put up below. You can also look up the ‘Contact Us‘ page for more.

Kiran Relangi – +91 9500117031

Geetha Pallavi – +91 9500117083

As usual the consultation is only through prior appointment. Feel free to call us for any clarifications.

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Anger Management – Part I – Important Facts About Anger

First step towards anger management is understanding what anger is and who does it belong to. Unless we realize anger is a defense mechanism and we are responsible for choosing it as a reaction, we cannot hope to resolve our anger issues.

Anger Management Part 1
Anger is a Defense Mechanism.

The biggest mistake we all make while dealing with our anger issues is assuming that anger is the core issue. Why I call it a mistake is because, though anger does cause complications in our lives and relationships, it is not the root cause. The root cause is violation of some belief or hurting of our ego. Anger then springs in its defence.

For any person suffering from short temper or violent anger issues, anger is a defence mechanism. Something inside has been hurt and we show anger to defend ourselves. Over time it could become a habitual defence, meaning it becomes a habit and we keep getting angry for even small matters.

By understanding that anger is a defence mechanism we have taken a successful first step towards resolving our anger issues. Because, we can now look beyond anger and deal with the actual issue causing it.

The second awareness that you need to have about anger is that it is your anger. Let me explain what I mean by that. When I get angry I show it on others; I blame others for my anger issues. But the truth is, no matter what the provocation, I chose to be angry. We choose our reactions. And in cases of short temper, the provocation is often trivial and our reactions are in excess.

It is very easy to say others are provoking us. But at the end of the day we are the ones who are left in misery and it is our relations that are getting strained. So unless we acknowledge that it is our anger and our problem, we cannot take charge of the situation.

The third important point to keep in mind about anger is that it spreads like cheese. When we get angry, we tend to carry it forward across time, situations and people. And more often than not, we end up showing our anger on somebody else who it was not meant to be upon. The anger at office is taken home and displayed there. Anger at the life partner is shown with children.

We often falsely assume that our temper issues have gone out of control when we start getting angry with everyone. But the truth is we are simply carrying one big anger from one person or place to every other place. We are just venting one this one big emotion in bits and pieces all through the day. Once we find the root issues that are causing this anger and work them out, our anger becomes very manageable.

In the next part I will discuss two powerful techniques that can take us a long way in managing our anger issues as well as identifying the root causes.

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Open and Receptive Mind: The First Step towards Healing

The biggest hinderance to resolving issues is our narrow minded approach and defensive behavior.

What would put an end to our problems? How can I heal myself? These questions inevitably plague in our lives minds.

I may not know of a single cure-all solution for all problems of life, mind, body, and soul, but I know for sure what is required to effectively kick-start a healing process, to put us on our path to resolving our problems.

The one essential pre-requisite for healing is an open and receptive mind.

Once we have acknowledged our problems and once we have decided to work on it, we begin to look around for an effective solution for our problem. But we never realize the biggest hinderance to resolving issues is our narrow minded approach and defensive behavior.

All of our issues have roots in the past and it requires an extraordinarily open mind to explore those roots. Sometimes we are presented with theories and connections that appear impossible. Sometimes we are given advice that appears mundane. But if we do not reject those ideas and consider them with a receptive mind, we will find revealing truths and hidden treasures.

Let me give a simple example:
Suppose you are suffering from low self-esteem and your friends tell that most of your thoughts are biased and you see only negative aspects of yourself in every event. Your first instinct is to simply reject that thought.

But if you were to consider the truth in that advice and try to assess it in a real situation, you will find that you are indeed biased in self-assessment. In fact, you have made ‘biased self-assessment’ a framework from which you always operate. And it is from this vantage point that you even reject friend’s advice in the first place.

But by receiving this idea and moving beyond the self-imposed framework, you would have achieved three benefits:

You would have discovered your self-inhibiting framework.
You would have made a correct initial diagnosis for the problem.
And by merely being aware of this framework, you can always reject your first instincts to criticise yourself and re-assess your performance in any event.
Thus you would have started breaking down the problem methodically and effectively.

A decision to be open and receptive, and being watchful in implementing that decision is the most effective and least painful route to healing.

Self Hypnosis FAQs – Part II

Self Hypnosis is a necessary and powerful tool for personal and interpersonal development. Read the FAQs to know more about Self Hypnotism.

Can Self Hypnosis remove all of my problems?

Self Hypnosis helps you deal with many problems in your life. However, it cannot deal with all the issues. Some deep-rooted issues have to be dealt with a therapist alone.

But you certainly can deal with majority of your problems like improving memory, concentration, performance in sports or work, increasing creativity, dealing with sleeplessness, improving communication skills. It can also be used to deal with issues like negative thinking, laziness, lack of motivation, etc.

What if I go very ‘deep’ under Hypnosis? Can I get stuck then?

As I pointed out earlier, there is no possibility of getting ‘stuck’ in hypnosis. If you go into a very deep trance, two things are possible – one your conscious mind will remind you of some task and you will emerge out of hypnosis after sometime; or two you will slip into a natural sleep and wake up after that sleep cycle is over.

What is the difference between Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis?

All Hypnosis is self hypnosis. Even if you going to a therapist to be hypnotised, you are allowing yourself to go into the state of hypnosis by following the instructions of the therapist. So in reality, you are doing self hypnosis.

That aside, the key difference between Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis induced by a therapist is in its application. Self Hypnosis is applied either to get rid of problems or to improve performance or talent. However, all issues cannot be dealt with Self Hypnosis. Some issues have deep seated roots in the subconscious and to deal with these issues, it is necessary to go to a therapist for a Hypnosis session.

How will I know if I my issue is deep rooted or not?

Simple rule of thumb is that if an issue is not getting resolved even after consistent use of Self Hypnosis over a period of some weeks, then it means the issue is deep rooted and you have to consult a therapist to resolve it.

How do I learn Self Hypnosis?

The best way to learn Self Hypnosis is from a certified Hypnotist or a Hypnotherapist. A Hypnotist will take you through three stages that are necessary for a successful use of Self Hypnosis. First, he will explain in detail what Hypnosis is and how it works. He will also make you understand how human mind works and how problems are created. Second, he will hypnotise you and place the triggers for self hypnosis. Finally, he will teach you how to best create positive suggestions that will be most beneficial. He will also tell you what kinds of suggestions must be avoided and how to deal with any particular issue that you may have.

Alternatively, you can learn self hypnosis from Self Hypnosis Audio CDs sold by certified Hypnotists or Hypnotherapists.

Self Hypnosis FAQs – Part I

Self Hypnosis is a powerful tool for personal and inter-personal development. Here is a list of FAQs to find out more about Self Hypnosis.

What is Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is the process of guiding yourself in the powerful state of hypnosis. Once you learn self hypnosis, you do not require the help of a therapist to enter the state of hypnosis. However, you need a therapist to learn Self Hypnosis in the first place.

What is use of Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for both your personal and inter-personal development. As you know, hypnosis is a powerful state where positive suggestions are accepted by your subconscious mind and acted upon easily.

By learning Self Hypnosis, you learn to access the state of hypnosis all by yourself and give yourself positive suggestions. With this great tool in your hands, you can develop yourself to be your best in every area of your life!

What problems can be solved using Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis can be applied for a wide range of issues in your life. Here is a short list of what you can do with self hypnosis.

  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Deal with fears
  • Increase creativity
  • Remove stress and anxiety
  • Increase self confidence
  • Stop negative thinking
  • Better your peformance in exams and work
  • Remove fear of exams, certain subjects, etc
  • Increase motivation
  • Stop postponing tasks
  • Increase your communication skills
  • Remove unwanted habits
  • Develop your talents
  • Remove laziness and become alert
  • Learn to focus on your goals better
  • Improve your health
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Control anger and frustration
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Increase self esteem
  • Overcome stage fear
  • Improve sexual performance

The possibilities are limitless. You must only learn to apply yourself diligently and consistently to see success in all areas of your life.

Does Self Hypnosis have any side effects?

No. Self Hypnosis is very beneficial for your mind, body as well as the spirit. In fact, every time you Hypnotise yourself, stress and anxiety are drained out of the body and it makes your more alert.

Even if you are trying to deal with deep-rooted issues with Self Hypnosis, there are no side effects at all.

Would I get ‘stuck’ in Self Hypnosis?

No. There is no way anybody can get ‘stuck’ in Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very deep and relaxing state of mind, but the conscious mind is always awake to an extent and you can always choose to emerge out of Hypnosis by simply opening your eyes. You are always under control in Hypnosis and there is not possibility of getting stuck.

Help yourself with Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for your personal and inter-personal growth.

The power of Self Hypnosis is vastly understimated by many. Self Hypnosis give you the power to raise yourself out of many personal problems. It is a powerful tool to develop your talents and capabilities. I will be updating posts about Self Hypnosis and its uses in simple FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format in the following weeks.

Click on the ‘Self Hypnosis’ link under the Categories menu to find all the FAQs updated so far on the topic.