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My Journey into the wonderful healing world of Reiki has been surprising and deeply satisfying. Though I had been attuned for Reiki Level 1 as early as the year 2000, it was not until 2010 that I fully utilized the healing powers of Reiki.
Reiki is a very powerful healing technique that can be easily learned and applied by everyone. It’s applications vary from simple stress reduction to severe ailments as cancer and tuberculosis, from resolving situations to healing complex emotions, from removing blocks to clearing people and places of negative energies.
I found that Reiki and Hypnotherapy form a potent combination that can effectively take upon and resolve various issues.
In spite of its powerful healing capability, Reiki is a simple technique that can be learnt by all. Further, unlike Hypnotherapy, Reiki has no age or language bar. It can be applied on anyone of any age and gender and even upon pets, plants, places, and situations too! In fact, I’ve seen pets respond beautifully well to Reiki as equally as we humans do.
Further Reiki can be sent from distances too. So essentially I can do a Distance Reiki session for a person in Europe or Australia with the same results as a Hands-on Reiki session.
With Reiki my therapy sessions have become simpler, potent and doubly effective!

Reiki FAQs

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Energy Healing Technique that was discovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. It is a simple technqiue that can be easily learned by anyone who is interested and willing.

Origin of the word Reiki
The Word Reiki comes from two words Rei and Ki. Rei means higher power or spirit and Ki means life force or vital energy. Put together Reiki means divinely guided vital energy.

How can Reiki heal?
Each of us are nourished with life force energy within our bodies. This energy is supplied to our physical body through the seven major chakras and hundreds of minor chakras. Just like there is a huge network of nerve system in our bodies, similarly energy from these chakras is circulated through our bodies through a large network of energy meridians and the three nadis in our spinal column.
A healthy person has a free flow of this life force energy. However, in an unhealthy person (unhealthy either in mind, body or emotions) the life force energy is either sluggish or the flow is blocked.
When Reiki is administered, the Reiki energy transmutes the negative life force to positive and releases the blocks. The flow and vitality of the life force is restored to its natural health.

How is a Reiki treatment given?
There are two methods to give a Reiki treatment – Hands-on Reiki Treatment and Distance Healing method.
In Hands-on Reiki Treatment, the Reiki Healer adminsters Reiki through the palms to the client. Reiki is given to various body parts in a full body Reiki session or it is given to the affected body parts only. The Healer may or may not touch the client throughout the session depending on the client’s preference.
In Distance Healing Method, the client is not physically present in the healing center and Reiki is sent over physical space. Since distance is no hurdle for Reiki it can essentially be sent over long distances with similar results as in a Hands-on session.
Apart from the above mentioned, there is another method of Reiki treatment that is performed by advanced Reiki healers.

How long does a Reiki session last?
Depending on the problem, Reiki sessions last may last anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes.

How many Reiki sessions are required to heal a problem?
The number of sessions required to heal a problem depend on the problem itself and may vary from client to client. In the first consultation the Reiki Healer would scan the client and will usually give an average number of sessions required to heal that particular issue.

What problems can be healed through Reiki?
Reiki is a universal healing process that can be applied to a wide range of issues. Starting from minor physical issues like body aches, allergies, hairfall to severe diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, Reiki is found to be effective in promoting physical healing.
Reiki is also applied to heal complex emotional issues like relationship issues, anger management, etc.
Further, Reiki healers personally use it to heal pets, plants, and even situations.

Who can be healed through Reiki?
Reiki is a universal healing method that has not age or gender restrictions. Anyone who is open to try it can approach a Reiki Healer for therapy.
Reiki is also used for animals and plants. Pets and house plants respond especially well to Reiki.

Can anybody do Reiki Healing?
Reiki Therapy is given only by trained Reiki Healers who have undergone at least Level 1 Reiki training. In Reiki training the healers are attuned by Reiki masters to receive and transmit Reiki to others.

What is Reiki attunement?
Reiki attunement is an attunement process given by a Reiki master in Reiki training classes. It is undergone by participants who want to become Reiki Healers.

Should I be attuned to undergo Reiki treatment?
No. Reiki attunement is for those who want to become Reiki healers. For healing your issues, you have to just make sure the Reiki Healer is qualified (and certified) to give Reiki treatments and undergo therapy with them.

What are the side effects of Reiki?
Reiki only heals. It has no side effects whatsoever. Also Reiki cannot be used for harmful purposes nor can it interfere with the free will of any person.

What is the age limit to come for Reiki therapy?
There is no age bar for Reiki and any person can be given Reiki whether he/she is a just born or 90 years old. As said earlier Reiki only heals.

Can Reiki be used along with other medicine systems?
Reiki is a complementary and alternative medicine system. It can be applied along with other Medicine systems like Allopathy (conventional medicine system), Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Nature Cure, Acupuncture, etc. However, it is wise to inform all the therapists involved of the various therapies being undergone simultaneously by the client.

Can Reiki be sent to a person without her/his permission?
Reiki can only heal and it does no harm in sending Reiki to others without their permission. However, it is always good to inform the person and take her/his permission.

What is Reiki religion?
There is no such thing as a Reiki religion. Reiki is an alternative healing method and at most it is a spiritual practice for some. It is NOT a religion. Reiki is practiced by people from all wakes of lives including Medical Practioners, Healers, Teachers, Students, Housewives, Engineers, Doctors, Hypnotherapists, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Reiki Healing

  1. Very good article to read. especially the the expression, presentation and above it, English is very good.

    If the spirit releasement is true, one has to belive in ” Bhootha Vaidyam” also. Only difference being the methods followed (one is refined and the other is crude). Ultimate result being the relief to the client by restoring his/her normal state of mind, whenever positive results are achieved. Perhaps the dead persons energy is otherwise called the “Spirit” I am not a compitant person to argue on this point. It is just my opinion.

    Thanks for all the useful information funished in your article.

    1. I may slightly disagree here only for the reason I do not know anything about Bootha Vaidyam except for a few facts. The major difference in religious forms of exorcism and Spirit Releasement Therapy is that in SRT we ensure the spirit is released forever and not simply ‘thrown out’ of the client’s body. We treat spirit just as we treat a client and ensure a safe and complete exit of the spirit. Whereas many forms of religious and traditional exorcisms seek to simply free the client. These means treat the spirit as an essentially evil entity that needs to be driven away. It does not ensure the spirit would not ‘attack’ others.

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