What happens in Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Therapy is similar in its approach and function to normal Hypnotherapy session that involves Age Regression (directing a client back to his past). Only difference is that in a regular Age Regression the roots for a client’s issues are looked for in his own lifetime – usually in his childhood; whereas in Past Life Regression Therapy the client is directed beyond his current lifetime to his past lives looking for the roots of current life issue. Sometimes there can be more than one past life involved and the therapist looks for the first lifetime where the current life issue first began.

Once the root of the issue is found the healing begins and healing is very similar as that in Age Regression therapy. The therapist moves from event to event, guiding the therapist to resolve each issue starting from the first triggering event which is called Initial Sensitizing Event or ISE. The following events that added to the current issue in the client’s life are called Subsequent Sensitizing Events (SSE). Once the ISE and SSE are all resolved the issue in the client’s current lifetime disappears.


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